The Chinese tourists accused of bad behaviour in Thailand | Channel 4 News

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Thousands of people are celebrating the Chinese New Year. And more than ever, the Chinese are choosing to take that holiday abroad. But neighbouring Thailand has accused the visitors of bad behaviour and poor manners.

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31 thoughts on “The Chinese tourists accused of bad behaviour in Thailand | Channel 4 News

  1. Chinese tourist's mind
    "-Making Loud Noises and behave badly-
    Soon your country will be under our control, and we will fill its population with our own kind, so you all better prepare for our "Glorious and Revolutionary" behaviour, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

  2. Here in the U.S chinese are the stupidest motherfuckers on earth. They dont know how to drive, dont look when crossing the street and always cut in line.

  3. we filipinos may be noisy at times but at least we have manners…. i met some chinese here in the philippines and most of them are terrible. i dont hate their race, i hate their lack of manners..

  4. At least Chinese tourists don't get violent like your British descanded people from the diaspora why don't you report on britshits and asstralians bad behavior in Asia moron britshit

  5. all Chinese especially from chine and Hong Kong … whatever where they live, are selfish, unpolite, rude, loud, and disgusting. Pure experience. Stop dreaming that the average Chinese is a polite and well

  6. They are brought up under a Communist ideological system.
    What else would you expect? Communism turns you into an animal. It's the same everywhere …. Just look at ANTIFA terrorists in the United States and in Europe … Communism turns them from normal teens to full-blown psychopathic murderers and terrorists in under 6 months.

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