City stress: the health risk to bankers

The high-pay, high-risk, high-stress lifestyle of London’s financial services is not just bad news for the health of the economy – it’s also ruinous to the health of the individuals themselves.
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37 thoughts on “City stress: the health risk to bankers

  1. OH the poor rich (((banksters))) whatever will they do?
    Is this serious? Try worrying about not paying your car bill or eating. No wonder you globocucks are going down. NPCs all of you

  2. I know friends from high school that work at big investment firms and international investment banks such as Goldman, JP Morgan etc. Anyway most of these guys don't last two years at these places before they're chewed up and spat out, in a graduate position they're earning 65k AUD a year for working 12-14 hours a day and when their bonus arrives in the value of stock options they can't even cash them in for another five years. Investment banks are fucked I would recommend no one work there and if you are into finance go work at a smaller investment firm first.

  3. Stress being a predictor for how the stock markets move is complete hogwash. No stress is no guarantee that your investments will grow in value, as is being stressed is no guarantee that your investments will lose value. No single person is in control. It's a maze.

  4. This ‘banker’ label is ridiculous. Seems to be a generic term for anybody who works in finance. There are so many different jobs in finance,’banker’ is such a poor description of everyone in finance. People who don’t understand finance seem to think it involves just sitting in a nice suit playing around with a bank account called ‘normal people’s money’.

  5. The poorly overpaid bankers deserve no sympathy nothing whatsoever, They're very greedy and gamble with other people's money. Good people with any sort moral ethics don't work in Banking and high finance.

  6. The Director/Analysis/Associate/FT legal adv is telling the Ture , but compare to the Food production / Farmer / Fish men / shop sales /

    Low rank part time job /construction worker / that repeat to do the body fitness without using Brian

    As a FMR UC&C (unfield communication) and defending the FX network and Workstation also the Core Switch and Core Router From HKIX to

    NYSE to KRX than back to borsch (DE) to CAC (FR) DC (Data center Colocation) as well

    Also management 1:07 for cross boarder conference in boardroom to do the mega deal (M&A) to make sure that is no audio logging (sniffer) from

    competitive PE/VC and Key-logger software From SFC/SEC/Financial Tax legal (court room) Authority

    –Also secure the Black berry mobile phone when the MD travel in sun shine beach still using Private Cell phone tower / SVAT (mobile satellites

    connection)in the desert /country side / high crime rate area / Conflict Zone / middle of ocean pacific /Greenland / P.S. Similar to C4ISR but securely remote connect to HQ and regional office

    The head of PE/VC (co-founder) were travelling in private Jet / First class /Five to six star hotel / Private island / Mega yacht / horse Ridding

    club/Priority booking/ Concert / Private hospital doctor / Private Chef / unlimited/Ultra high debt Credit card / auction house / Villa /maison / Lavish

    life style / Charity banquet to meet in different Dictator /Warlord / Mayor /Religon leader

    They create Job and Destroy Job / They using the minium wage to employ the highest school degree qualification Worker to do the longest hour in the country that they never and don't want to visit

    If you access the Database HR of requirement and selection of the Trainee , their should be one thousand CV/resume Candidiasis filtering to below Ten in capstone

  7. The is because you all worship money as your God and if you don't succeed you kill yourself all over money so I don't feel sorry for none of you go ahead kill over money that is so stupid

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  9. I wonder why do we need others to tell us what makes us happy, we already know what does ourselves. From experience financially successful people don't always seem much happier than someone that isn't rich but can afford all their basic necessities.

  10. No one cares when you work for families like the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's what do you expect. They're complete psychopaths and need locking up (that's putting it nicely). Their aim is to destroy the economy to better themselves and the country they all love called Israel. Where do you think a lot of out money goes? Certainly not back to the people. The amount of tax that is payed out in this country and you've got all our public services being shut down or having cuts it's a joke! These people control the economy because they control the money which we continue paying. It's time to wake up to the corruption going on right under our noses.

  11. This is the YouTube comment section at it's worse. Every single comment here is reactionary, self-congratulatory screed derived from tabloid/Hollywood stereotypes of an industry that none of you understand. Congratulations for being so pious and morally superior. Your medals are in the post.

    You sure showed those heartless bankers why empathy is so important. Well done.

  12. oh stressful rich people worrying about their fancy mansions and car collection and their next pay day and never met a client that lives homeless near dumpster of their skyscraper scavenging for food for the past day and is beaten by their security and arrested by the cops because, they are an eye sore to society……  that is STRESSFUL

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