Exclusive interview with the ‘locked-up’ Saudi princesses

Exclusively on Channel 4 News the daughters of the king of Saudi Arabia speak out about being locked away for years. Subscribe for more documentaries: bit.ly/LtASif.

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22 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with the ‘locked-up’ Saudi princesses

  1. Is that an islam practice?to have so many wives?what kind of father is that?these two are supposed to be princesses,not prisoners..now i know why arabs and other muslim people treats their house maids as slaves and prisoners.because their king is setting as an example of a horrible man.

  2. Anywere islam is there is people suffering wake up planet earth theres a war coming and it wont end well for both sides DOWN WITH SAUDI LANDS and ALL ISLAMIC RULE IN THE WORLD stop oppressing woman and killing innocent people 🖕

  3. Can you upload this video on Instagram kindly and invite United Nations to talk to this idiot as it's evident that Saudi Arabia could not afford 40 wife's children,he cannot afford to feed them let alone marry woman,he couldn't afford to educate them,he couldn't afford to give them holidays,why did he marry woman???donkey Saudi King!!!Saudi King from Najd tribe is bankrupt!!!its time to see the real rulers!!!!

  4. Not to take anything away from these 4 women, but this is the saudi "royal" family. If yu fall out of favour yu are generaly dead or dissappeared. I read somewhere that there are several hundred male saudi royals and officials that are being held under house arrest at the ritz charlton riyadh. One of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is hard to imagine that these women are actually in prison , as the normal saudi female person would. My guess is they are living in the lap of luxury , albeit against their will.

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