How bad is Britain’s homelessness problem?

MPs have branded homelessness “a national crisis”, condemning the government for its “unacceptably complacent” response.

A damning report by the cross-party public accounts committee says the number of people sleeping rough has soared 134% since 2011, describing the government’s efforts to eliminate rough sleeping as the ‘”tip of the iceberg”.

Ministers insist they’re providing more than a billion pounds to reduce all forms of homelessness by 2020. In the latest in our week-long series on the issue, we have been talking to homeless people in Liverpool and Manchester to see what support is being offered to people with nowhere else to go.

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24 thoughts on “How bad is Britain’s homelessness problem?

  1. Corporate banks and their government lackeys (the Tory party) – have engineered this deliberately. It's all just simply an elite fomented wealth transference mechanism. The UK electorate is as thick as concrete shit. Most of them are poor and yet they still elect the sociopathic Tories.

    GET OUT OF THE UK – it's the BEST advice I can offer anyone. A degenerate, backward, homo-centric, indigenous hating, sodomite elite loving – SHIT HOLE.

  2. With this roll-out of the Universal Credit system – It seems The Government is determined to revisit the times of Victorian – work houses state.
    IT'S TIME they STOP burying their head in the sand and come out with the truth !!!

  3. Abandoned and are taxes spent on pet projects that they believe keep them popular on the international stage .charity begins at home they should heed that and practice it .this diabolical benefits scam they are trying to perpetrate on our most vulnerable citizens will be their downfall and the lessons learned should be remembered by all future contenders for the office of government .outside agencies paid bonuses for putting people into poverty .who ever heard of such a criminal arrangement scandalous and evil .

  4. I was told by a mate after the leic man City game last night when him and his son were walking through town after the game every other doorway was occupied by rough sleepers.

  5. Disgusting, Disgusting, Disgusting! Every human deserves a home of their own. We are supposed to live in a developed country, but in many cases it does not seem that way. Having your own home is a basic neccessity. It is a natural desire in the hearts of every man and woman. It is simply not good enough and the government, the private housing companies, the building companies and the big banks should be deeply ashamed and embarrassed for not helping, for not investing in young peoples futures. These organisations have actually destroyed young peoples hopes and dreams. We are living in a world now where most young adults are living without hope of better times, crushed dreams that have been melted away by today's society.

  6. That is not the Governments fault. We asked to leave the EU for this reason as well. Too many people in the country. It’s no good these people going on about cuts. The real problem is too many people that the EU forced USF to take in. Angela Merkel have caused this problem and it is all over Europe. I don’t know how they can blame the Goverment when it was Angela Merkel and the other unelected ass hold caused this. Jeremy Cobyn goes on about the homeless yet he want’s to stay in the EU. What the f…. is he on about. You can’t moan over NHS, Housing and homelessness when we have been forced by the EU to take in thousand and thousands of emigrants and invaders. These Muslim men take 1,2,3 and 4 Wives I the next three generations how many children would just one family have by the second generation could have as many as almost 180 children. That would be children and Grandchildren. Per one family by the second generation. We will be out populated in 40 to 50 years time as Enoch Powell predicted. That’s how stupid Jeremy Corbyn is. You can’t keep having thousands of Immigrants in every year. The NHS would collapse. More people on the streets and money would run out because of the demand for more and more houses. Hospital’s would be over run in the AE also the Hospitals would have to have conveyer belts installed for all the Muslim births because they have more than one Wife. Could be 2, 3, or 4 Wives. Now how the hell would Jeremy Corbyn pay more and more money to the NHS more to Police, more to Schools, more for transport, more for Nurses, more for Doctors. If he dose what he said he would do our Country would be bankrupted in no time. It cannot be done. We are coming out of the EU. She do have to be prudent with the money she spends. Common sense would tell you that. Jeremy was on about free Tuition fees. How the hell could he do that. See the big problem him the Shadow Chancellor and Dianne Abbot has is they won’t know what they are spending because they can’t count. How the Hell could you put dull people like that in power. Also Jeremy seems to like Terrorists been as he took one in the Houses Of Parliament a few weeks ago. A few day’s later the same man tried to blow it up but got caught now he done the same years ago and took an IRA man into the House Of Parliament and they done exactly the same tried to blow up Parliament. This last mans that tried to blow up Parliament had a knife on him as well and wanted to stab Theresa May in the confusion but luck enough he got caught. Jeremy is a dangerous man. Just like Sadig Khan. He stands on platforms with terrorists. Moderate Muslims he said. There’s no such thing. When the shit hits the fan they always stick together. Just a tiny minority won’t do that. Why would people want to vote fore a dangerous man that have openly admitted he don’t like Western Coulter. He want’s to get rid of our Nuclear deterrent. How dangerous is he. He said if we were threatened within 20 minutes by another country would he press the button he said no. He would watch us all get wiped out. That’s the kind of dangerous person he is. He actually gets on well with extremists.

  7. That's correct, the government and the people who do the actual studies are collecting there data from the wrong sources, this is why PM – May thinks it's actually getting better,… Bloody Disgraceful and I Vote for No Confidence in the Failing Govenment.

  8. Tories are giving away £12 billion of taxpayer money to private firms to build private homes starting around an apparently "affordable" £0.5 million. As the gap between rich and poor widens further and homelessness increases, what people need is social house building. Instead Tories have just been selling them off to private landlords who are charging people market level rents while not replacing the houses sold.

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