Inside Aleppo: the boy who dreams of rebuilding his city

New pictures from inside the city filmed by Waad Al Katib.

After four years of war and dreaming every day of freedom, 13-year-old Mohammed Qutaish still hasn’t given up hope of a better future – even though the reality of living in Aleppo is worse than living in a nightmare.

Edited by Pavel Lopez
Produced in the UK by Zahra Mackaoui
Filmed and directed by Waad Alkateab – @A84b3c8b24ca4cf

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14 thoughts on “Inside Aleppo: the boy who dreams of rebuilding his city

  1. Channel 4. Your report is inaccurate and misleading. When you mentioned the damage to the historical city putting a picture of the devastation around the citadel, you mentioned that it was caused by barrel bombs and you followed by a video of a plane dropping one. Yes the government used arial bombardment in the east of the city which is not as historical but not in the ancient centre. The damage around the castle was caused by massive 20 tones of TNT undergroung explosions made by your moderate rebles.

  2. No accountability directed towards the US led coalition, as though them playing pass the parcel with arms from the FSA terrorists to al-Nusra & ISIS, had no impact on the stability of Syria. The US led coalition has targeted Syria's infrastructure, they have blown up several hostages, including the female American hostage. But that's ok right? Because it's only bad when the Syrian army bombing causes civilian casualties? US bombs are humanitarian in nature, they are magical love bombs.

  3. In Yemen they're being bombed at the authorization of their president by discriminate UK and US made weapons. However, despite killing and injuring some 28,000 people, bombing humanitarian food trucks, housing complexes, factories, the historic castle, the historic city and strengthening al Qaeda, Hadi doesn't "loose all legitimacy" and the media couldn't give a fuck.

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