Meet Tennessee’s neo-Nazi white supremacists

After the Charleston killings, the confederate flag was removed from state grounds across South Carolina, and this weekend white supremacists will hold a protest rally. Cordelia Lynch meets members of the American National Socialist Movement.

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48 thoughts on “Meet Tennessee’s neo-Nazi white supremacists

  1. This ain't your nation…redneck…it belonged to Indians now it belongs to a diversity of people from a multitude of races, blacks whites fucking everybody, no one is trying to wipe out whites man you cant identify people by their color but only their deeds , I have met white people some of them one of the best people alive , some of them a disgrace to humanity; and such is the case with every race. Thank you.

  2. This is real tho white people are going and instinct and people of color are slowly taking back what was ours to begin with. White people are just genetic mutations that where once people of color

  3. White people has every right to feel proud of their race and culture.most of the greatest invention and discovery and modern civilization is outcome of white men' intellectual potentiality.Dominance has to be maintained.

  4. maybe just stop using the words "white" or "black" and then suddenly use words like "asian"!?!? The white and black terms came from the 17th century.. why do we still use them? It probably encourages white and black supremacy. Black is symbolic of power. same with the word white.

  5. There’s still division because we have communities such as the lbgt community and black lives matter if we were one big fucking community we would be able to solve problems easier but

  6. The Black race on planet Earth's 5th dimension were genetically engineered by members of the Galactic Federation from the best DNA & genes located in this galaxy, and produced as a superhuman race with the racial identity of the Gods & Goddesses of the Star System of Sirius B. They were provided with a 12 stranded DNA system, as opposed the Caucasian's low level 2 stranded one.

  7. The Black race as is the race of these Christ Beings at this Alcyone Conference, foresaw the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Bush families finance HItler's Nazi Regime, for the purpose of killing off the Black World Order of all of Europe and instituting a White New World Order existence throughout Europe, as we have it today.

  8. The Alcyone Conference took place 45,000 yrs ago in Alycone, which is the Apex Central Solar System of the Pleaidian Structure, of which ours is at the base of this pyramidal structure, taking 36,000 to rotate our Sun, while Alycone is always located in the center of our Sun.

  9. On YouTube, SARA (Lady Scarbrough) confesses that she along with others from the Alcyone Conference incarnated upon Earth during this Neolithic period in Ireland and other parts of Europe. She is the female Christ Being, who played the role of being the daughter between Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada) and the Yeshu 9 Christ.

  10. The Black race had been living in all of Europe since the Neolithic period, circa 45,000 yrs BC. The Skara Bre community found in Northern Scotland, which is a tourist site in addition to numerous other type communities discovered all over Britannia attest to this fact.

  11. This manufactured species by the Draos and their Gray allies, remained in the cave regions of the Central Asian location for the next 5,000 yrs, until the Mongols drove them out of Central Asia westwards, which took them into Eastern Europe.

  12. White supremacy is a fraud. The Aryan, Saxon Caucasians were genetically engineered in the laboratories of the Alpha Draconian reptilian humanoids, 6,000 yrs ago. They used the Rhesus & Gibbons monkeys, and their own DNA to bring about these albino blonde hairy humanoids.


  13. Their racetis because black people are racetis towards white people theirs always going to be racism/colorism it's a part of human nature were all different we might bleed out red right but we have different brains we have different cultures and belief's we're raised and brought up as a child that the parents teach their children racism/colorism against a certain type of different skin colored race from whatever continent of whatever country of origin the individual's are from that the people really can't stand because of big bad experiences they have went through in life

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