Paul Kalanithi: a neurosurgeon’s memoirs

Paul Kalanithi was just 36 when he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. But rather than surrender, he embraced life – continuing to work as a neurosurgeon and becoming the father to a baby girl.


28 thoughts on “Paul Kalanithi: a neurosurgeon’s memoirs

  1. I just read this book.. The most powerful book l have read.. As a physician we tell our patients about thier treatments and prognosis but to see it through the lens as a patient.. This has made me think about what is most important in life which l believe everyone should ask because we are all headed to the same inevitable end…. Death

  2. I have just finished reading "When breath becomes air" and wanted so bad to see you talking Lucy. Thank you for making the book published and your beautiful words in the Epilogue.. Paul was a brave man and so are all of you, his family members. Lots of love to Cady. 💜💙❤

  3. I have looked in the mirror and don't care a hoot . Have you met me personally to decide what I am not that I care. I can't believe you do not have the bone to digest unpleasant facts. I have. Get lost and answer some one else
    I am a self proclaimed nice person.

  4. What sort of name does he have .And how ugly he looks with that white thing even for a friend. God which country does that black mixed mixer belong to? I can't bear to continue watching video. By the way just to remind you guys – I am a very nice person despite whatever I say.

  5. I just finished half of the book and it is truly amazing and inspiring. I learned a lot from When Breath Becomes Air. He was a very smart man. RIP Paul, thank you for sharing your experiences

  6. So sorry that this talented young man lost his life to the horrible disease of cancer. I hope his passing was peaceful. I think we all need to understand death, as we will all pass through this process. We give so much emphasis to life that death becomes taboo. A lot of misery and anger is directed at death, but if our body is dying then, mentally, we need to embrace the process, not lose the precious time we have left berating our eminent death. We need to enjoy each day as it arrives, not only when facing death but now, in the present. That's what this brave soldier, who was facing death, was keen to pass on to us. I will buy his book as a token of respect for him, his lovely wife and his beautiful daughter.❤

  7. i admire you Lucy, its not just easy to face all of these especially your husband is not just an ordinary man and doctor, but more. if he is still alive i am sure he can help more people and inspire them with his books…its a great loss but his reflections gave us enlightment to face life and preparing for death

  8. pauls real life story would be a real inspiration to many to embrace life as it is and live as much as one can to the fullest >have read his book too A wonderful wook..
    ,his daughter is so pretty
    .His wife has been so much of a support to him and must say paul was so blessed to have her in his life .
    ..When the daughter realises her fathers worth she would be proud remembering her dad

  9. After watching this video my problems vanished when I saw the courage and bravery of this couple. May he rest in peace and may his wife and baby know that they are in our prayers. I will now go out and buy this wonderful book.

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