Iggy Ldn: ‘Black Boys Do Cry’

“I feel as though the darker you are, the more you’re seen as this aggressive, emotionally unavailable person.”

Poet Iggy Ldn is challenging stereotypes about black male identity.

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11 thoughts on “Iggy Ldn: ‘Black Boys Do Cry’

  1. Even though I get a homosexual vibe from this dude he does raise a great point. As Black men we're expected to act a certain way in society, that in turn puts us in a can't win situation. If you're kind your considered soft and if you Harden yourself your treated like a threat to society which leads to jail or murder in my country at least (usa) we can't even just be in our own communities without being treated in some of the same ways as we're treated in other communities so at times it feels like a can't win situation.

  2. Stereotypes in general are horrible. I hate the "but statistics are the basis for stereotypes argument". It can be true, but the problem is that even though there is statistical basis for stereotyping all races, stereotypes about White people never go past "you can't dance", but stereotypes about Black people go so so much further.

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