Thousands sleeping rough as Britain freezes

As Britain freezes so too do the thousands sleeping rough in towns and cities across the country, Whilst the majority of us worry about staying warm, for those on the streets the priority is staying alive in sub-zero temperatures.
Figures from the Department of Local Government reveal the problem is getting worse – an estimated 4,134 people now sleeping rough every night in England, the number more than doubling since 2010.

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23 thoughts on “Thousands sleeping rough as Britain freezes

  1. No self entitled Muslim migrants, getting tons of benefit payments stuffed up their ar** to be seen on the streets, wonder why 🧐. Own British people obviously not valuable enough to get some decent shelter and food of this corrupt politically correct UK government. But wait a minute, Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs need housing to lure blonde British schoolchildren into, fill them up with Alcohol and gang rape them. Now I understand. 🤮

  2. Capitalism deliberately creates a homeless population which is then used as a threat to everyone like 'this is what will happen to you if you don't fall in line and be an obedient worker/consumer.' Capitalism sucks, it destroys lives and it is rapidly destroying what's left of nature, the oceans, rainforests, etc.

  3. As long as people keeping blaming immigrants and thinking that neoliberal capitalism can sustain itself forever the housing and mental health crisis will continue to get worse and worse every year
    We can all keep squabbling about Brexit and immigration but the real issue they dont want you to think about is the class divide
    Capitalism is the root of all these problems, not immigrants.

  4. If coroners in the UK were allowed to cite hypothermia due to homelessness , instead of finding any other potential link cause as required by athorities , the figures of premature death from homelessness would rocket and something would be done. We are left unaware due to this manipulation of numbers.

  5. This is probably the only video C4 have uploaded in the past 200 that hasn't been some form of anti-white diversity propaganda. Finally a piece about how actual Britons are struggling! We need to help these people, we are far too overpopulated.

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