Charlie Webster interviewed on Ched Evans | Channel 4 News

Charlie Webster, Sky Sports TV presenter and patron of Ched Evans’ former club Sheffield United, tells Channel 4 News she will quit her role at the club if the disgraced footballer is resigned.

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31 thoughts on “Charlie Webster interviewed on Ched Evans | Channel 4 News

  1. Still no one from the lynch mob has publicly apologised to Ched Evans. The media's coverage of his acquittal was sour and biased. Evans has had his life destroyed, lost his liberty and is still the target of abuse form loony feminists. This is never reported or investigated. Yet, it is men who hold disproportionate power?

  2. The whole Ched Evans case illustrates the issues with sex crimes in most Western countries including Britain. No other crime assumes guilt before being found innocent and no other crime requires such a lack of burden of proof than sex crimes.

    Ched Evans is clearly a dickhead but his conviction was farcical. A woman goes back to a local hotel willingly with another man with no other intention of having sex. She claims that this man raped her and that Evans also raped her after being invited over to the hotel by the first man who is his mate. The Jury find the mate not guilty but Evans guilty!!!!

    The whole case should have been thrown out because of lack of credible testimony. The girl should grow up and realise that she should not get pissed up, engage in sex and then cry rape when she feels bad about herself the next morning.

  3. Still no apology from Charlie Webster, not for saying he is a rapist because he had been convicted at the time but for all the shit she piled on him after he had been to prison and served his time.


  4. A few years ago I was set up on a date by a mutual friend, I met her with my friend & her partner & we all went for a drink, she had seen a picture of me & instigated the date, I'd not seen her , when she turned up I was slightly dissapointed if I'm being honest, but thought what the hell, lets just make the most of the night, stupidly by the end of the night I was pretty hammered & somehow ended up back at her place, where we ended up having sex, when I sobered up a little, I realised my error & got up to leave, she tried to persuade me to stop, but I refused, she was nowhere near as pissed as I was, so what I want to know is, was I raped ?, Id say no, I was just an idiot who had too much to drink & that clouded my judgement, lesson learned & move on !!!!

  5. This is what makes me angry about feminism and the western system. Women can literally destroy a man's life, get found out and still walk away scott free smelling of roses. As for Webster, she only used this case to further her own image and career. She is one of the biggest CUNTS I've had the displeasure to lay eyes on, She did not care what implications her actions would have on Evans, the way she dug the knife in must have been agonising for him to experience. A self entitled little CUNT adding fuel to a fire that should never have been lit in the first place, while he had to watch her do it, powerless to argue. Had he killed himself during this awful time in his life, she would not have bat an eyelid. Ruthless WITCH.

  6. fucking bitch doesn't want a man to work…..and withought the ability to work the man is about as good as dead(since he wont be able to pay the bills)…..second, he denied rape and may have been falsely convicted by a gold digging cunt…………thirdly, the "mistake" reference he made was probably chasing after gubby moneygrabbing, fake lying bitches.

  7. Charlie Webster gets it wrong again. Whether its not following the autocue correctly, or making a hash of whatever sports presenting job she gets, she has now jumped the gun, and condemned Ched Evans, (who's conviction was later quashed) live on channel 4. Bad timing Charlie, but hardly surprising is it. Will she make an apology? Highly unlikely.

  8. now ched evans is conviction is quashed, sue the arse off this webster c**t, if there's any justice thats what should happen, there should have been media censorship while he was having his case reviewed, instead they've given a voice to poisonous shits

  9. LOL this dumb feminist cunt wanted a selfie with Mike Tyson LOL. She really provided the viewers with some cutting edge stuff in this interview like " rape is wrong " no shit sherlock.

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