Israelis express support for war in Gaza | Channel 4 News

Three Israeli soldiers were killed and 27 have been injured today, but the public mood in Israel remains overwhelmingly behind the assault on Hamas, as Inigo Gilmore reports.

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34 thoughts on “Israelis express support for war in Gaza | Channel 4 News

  1. if the case was to wipe out the Gazans…. why wouldnt they use a nuke right…. its because they want to see them suffer not because they're are scared of potential terrorists that are said to come.

  2. Never again means fighting back against dead hitlers allies the muslims.
    people forgot the grand mufti of jerusalem leader of the arab muslims allying with hitler, and the muslim bosnian SS devion. the aram islamic invasion stops here.

  3. What paid Pallywood does not tell you is that 1 out 100 Jew is supporting violence against Muslim civilians and 1 out of 100  Muslim Arab does not support violence against Jewish civilians.

  4. They want the world to remember what happened to Jews by Nazis so "it never happen again" but they also want the world accept what they are doing to Palestinians. I guess when they say "never again" they mean to the Jews but Ok for any other group.   

    Zionist will invent one lie after another but never admit the facts that Zionists have always massacred civilians to subdue them or drive them off their country and replace with Jews..   
    Expelling majority of Palestinians from their homes (75% of Gazans are refugees from what is now called Israel); institute an apartheid system for remaining ones; and when they can not subdue them as in Gaza, they left and then blockaded it for 7 years. Gazans are fighting to lift the blockade, which is an act of war;  Gazans are merely responding to Zionist aggression.
    their choice is slow death from blockade or faster death through war. Since they are dying any way they are choosing to fight and die in dignity if they must.

  5. I think a channel that puts Iran's President on for the Christmas message, a dictator that joys in the hanging of gays and the stoning of women had got little integrity, and the last channel that should voice an opinion on the Israeli Gaza conflict!

  6. Should have done more reporting on Ayelet Shaked's call for killing innocent Palestinians. She has since removed her facebook post, not surprising. She tried to lie her way out in her piece on the Jewish Press too. What a disease.


  8. "By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise…"

    ¬Adolf Hitler

    These people who support Israel's actions are no better than the Germans who followed Hitler's belief…
    Its shocking to see how much history is repeating itself…ÔĽŅ

  9. Thanks for reporting this story Channel4.
    I knew that Israel was a very defient and natiolistic state but this is on a completely different level, chants about dead children are really despicable where ever they may be and the fact that these people are attacking the minority pacifist movement in Israel by physically assaulting them further proves the wider aggressivity of the Israeli mentality regionally and internationally. I kind of worry in part though about the blurred lines between being an Israeli and being a Jew and that in the UK and accross Europe random Jewish people are being attacked.

  10. How can anyone co exist with these racist illegal settler state they have proven time and time again they do not want peace. Once assad is toppled in syria the islamic state will serve them justice. Even their gharqadt tree won't save them. khaybar part2

  11. by behaving  like killers they not Achieving anything at all Beside turning World Against them … shows only Hate to me…. Oh well Karma Is Bitch …i don't   count Baby Killers a Heroes they Nothing less than A Evil Souls … Wake up  World may tomorrow its Our turn to suffer Like palestinians 

  12. Israel is a full democratic society ONLY for its Jewish citizens. For non-Jews it is not a democracy, but ratherakin to an apartheid society. And, as to the waging of war, democratic nations wage war the barbaric fashion and do not hesitate to act as terrorists too.
    Hamas anf the other Palestinian fighting groups, even at their most bloody, are pale reflections of the armies of US/NATO that have slaughtered millions of Vietnamese, Iraqis and Afghans – and those that destroyed the peaceful society that Palestine once was.
    Jews, like the right wingers Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Netanyahu are Masters of the Conn.

  13. Never thought Jews would be the Nazi's of the 21st century. As the mightier nation they have an extra inbound responsibility to know that iron dome absorbs almost all the missiles from Gaza and of course the ones that get through are awful and I hate that. But send in squadrons of elite trained agents to trace the rocket fire signal, find those responsible and bring them to justice in a court of law. That old hate filled woman put it best though, this is not about defense it is ethnic cleansing and it has just been going on slowly for over 40 years. Look at a map over time if you don't believe me and u will never get through to a Zionist fundamental, Muslim's have fundamentalists so do Christianity and even Buddhist's here is the Jewish ones and unfortunately they run the show over there.

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