Will May win backing for draft Brexit deal?

What a difference a day makes. Last night, the first reports began to emerge.

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oday, we hoped to learn so much, but so far, no grand plan has been published. And ministerial resignations? Not yet anyway. Is the centre holding fast? It is too soon to say. The cabinet meeting in Downing Street has gone the distance. We were expecting to hear Theresa May address the nation at some point this evening, but it’s not clear when exactly and whether she will at all. We report on what feels like another momentous day on the long road towards Brexit.


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24 thoughts on “Will May win backing for draft Brexit deal?

  1. May still wants to create a smuggeling route for legal and illegal goods into Europe through Ireland to evade European import taxes? — She clearly lost her mind!
    If there is no hard borders, the smuggeling will start on the same day. An idiot who would not use this backdoor passing European customs to import just anything from cocain, illegal ivory, tax free cigarettes and alcohol to illegal migrants and weapons, without any chance for Euope to hold Britain responsible in any way, since Britain will not be part of Europe.
    There can only be hard borders!

  2. Its Laughable seeing an Pro EU man standing behind with a Union Flag on his hand, so ironic or it must be an Oxymoron or is he just completely a Moron? Go Home let Democracy be Democracy, The People of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as a "WHOLE" voted to be out of the Dictatorship of the EU, get over it, if it was the other way about and we voted to stay, would anybody be outside downing street or westminster acting like twats? The answer to that is no, No because the Right thinking people believe on democracy and just believe on life and the people around them and closest to them what life is about. Out Means Out, I am a Northern Ireland citizen we are brought up here to protect your nearest and dearest that doesnt make me be labeled anything that makes me feel British and Proud, If Brexit means there is a Hard Border here so be it as long as Democracy was acted on Hard Border No Hard Border doesnt matter, We are 2 different Entities and 2 different countries a Border is whats needed anyway to keep the Union United.

  3. Shes a filthy traitor. Brexiteers and Remainers must unite. Demand a no-deal Brexit. With this bad faith deal we loose our national sovereignty AND the perks of being in the EU while still having to pay tribute.
    This is unacceptable.

  4. reality is here is that Northern Ireland is not like any other part of the U.K. half the people in it see themselves as Irish not British. That why it has to be treated differently. if ye want out of EU the only sulution is that Northern Ireland stays in the single market and the rest of the U.K. leaves..the sooner everyone wakes up to this point in U.K. EU and in particular the DUP the better for everyone. It’s the only practical solution to this mess..the unionist have to compromise a bit like the nationalist have to do everyday of their life’s.

  5. Theresa May has delivered the terms of her ‘deal’ on Brexit. It’s a contract of total capitulation, surrendering our British sovereignty to foreign rule without any possibly of ever braking free.

    So bad were the terms, that rather than striking a ‘deal’, that seven MPs resigned in protest in a matter of hours branding it: “The worst deal in history!” 

    Now May faces a vote of no confidence from her own party.

    It’s not difficult to see how we arrived at this point: Theresa May is a ‘globalist’ and always has been. She supported the ‘Remainers’ and voted against Brexit and leaving the EU.

    Curiously, in the wake of disgraced Tory ex-PM David Cameron’s resignation, Theresa May took the highest political office in the country and took charge of brokering a deal with the EU for Britain’s exit.

    As with the majority of her ilk in the political class, May signed up many years ago for a career in politics at a time when Globalism, as a political ideology and agenda, was still largely unchallenged.

    In signing up to the globalist agenda and representing globalist interests, May could a secure pay cheque for years to come.

    However, today a new ideology is on the rise and challenging Globalism – National Popularism.

    The Brexit vote was a sign.

    So too was President Trump’s election.

    The voting in of subsequent nationalist popularist governments in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Austria and numerous others including Brazil are also sure signs. 

    Scores of high-profile globalists have lined up to speak out against the present surge in nationalism.

    Globalist ex-Rothschild banker turned President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is among them as well as the scourge of Europe, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Most recently, globalist EU honcho Jean-Claude Junker, not revered for his articulation, also lamented the rise in nationalism when he labelled all patriots as “stupid popularists.” 

    In 2017,  whether Theresa May was in fact placed in the premiership to sabotage Brexit?

    In light of the ‘divorce deal’ she’s attempting to push through with the EU, it’s now plainly evidence that her intention is to sell out Britain and hand our sovereignty to the EU Brussels elite.

    Theresa May is a traitor of the highest order!

    The fact that every member of Conservative Party is not up in arms and calling for her head is evidence that the Tories are in the act of betraying the British people.

    The old political Establishment is faltering, but their clearly have no intention of going quietly.

    Under building pressure, the old Establishment is becoming increasingly tyrannical and transparent which will, in the end, serve to hasten its collapse and bring about the rise of national popularism.

  6. This really is superbly crafted, on-point informative news broadcasting at its best, and at such a critical juncture for the UK .. may I just say how much I appreciate it from outside the United Kingdom. Thank you. Subscribed.

  7. The 'special meeting' is a palm-greasing session!

    Most of the British nation – including some members of the Tory Party – can see through all of this like a pane of glass, but May continues unabashed. I am convinced that she is clinically and criminally insane. She is a pathological liar who believes her own lies and has been plotting against the British People for a very long time. Universal Credit and its horrendous effects on the poorest and most vulnerable Brits is a graphic portrayal of the total contempt and disdain she harbours for every one of us, particularly the 17.4 million who categorically voted OUT!

    She is obviously proud of her 'Globalist Cabal' treachery, which is worthy of any Bond villain. Perhaps she is sufficiently insane to see herself in this role. Maybe her next move will be to convert Britain into a massive field of wheat…

  8. why is tv letting these people hold up banners looks like the same as hitler did to get to power proper gander when showing the news the tv stations MUST disclaim these people forcing their proper gander

  9. The EU monkeys supposedly sitting on the 500 page deal until they knew it was going to go ahead is ridiculous. They have written half of it themselves and influenced the second half the traitorous civil servants wrote in blood.

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