Anguilla’s uncertain future after Brexit

The impact of Britain’s departure from the EU is being felt on the other side of the world.


Residents of the British overseas territory of Anguilla have UK passports but weren’t allowed to vote in the referendum. Yet their relationship with the European Union is fundamental to their everyday life. Anguilla is four thousand miles from the UK – in the eastern Caribbean. It depends on the neighbouring Island of Sint Maarten just 10 miles across the sea for vital services. But Sint Maarten is half-French and half-Dutch. So will that strong relationship change after Brexit?

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50 thoughts on “Anguilla’s uncertain future after Brexit

  1. You can now add Anguilla to the long, LONG, even encyclopedic, list of things and people that the Brixiteers never gave the slightest thought to in their toxically nostagic, and utterly lunatic, flight from objective reality….

    Food supplies, Anguilla, trucking licences, Gibraltar, university research programs, the motor industry, the Irish Border, flying to anywhere, the financial sector, etc, etc, ad nauseam etc.

    The list just keeps getting longer as the time to cobble together anything resembling a deal acceptable to the EU gets shorter….

  2. Why can't countries decide their own governance – v simple 2 go through laws u like and scratch out/negotiate with neighbouring countries those u want 2 scratch out. Only those with Colonial ambitions love the idea they can Control from on high.

  3. The EU is a corporate entity. Period. Much like colonialism was ie gr8 4 the top 0.5%. Eg Lancashire Mill workers weren't better off than most workers in colonies. Interestingly, gap between rich and poor is similar 2 that in Victorian era.

  4. I am happy Axa sée how they néed us..yet they treat us like so foreigners… When UK is no longer in EU, axa will nées visa to enter, then and only then, they will know how sxm people feel when they go axa and being harrased about lenght of stay etc. We dont ask thèm that when they Côme sxm

  5. I've been to St. Maarten, Saba and Statia many times. These little islands depend on each other.
    And a border isn't going to stop them, when it's so easy to go from island to island by boat.
    Unregistered migration between the islands happens a lot.
    Brexit will make life harder for these UK citizens as well though. I feel sorry for them and the 65 million on the bigger islands in Europe.

  6. Once Brexit is done, the overall position will be understood and issues like Anguilla will be dealt with sensibly. Continued access and interdependence will be implemeted. Of course its possible that the EU and French or Dutch authorities may continue to want/try to punish any British citizens, including people from Anguillia but I would hope they are not going to be so vindictive.
    Diplomats deal with these type of issues all the time, there are always exceptions to the rule. Anguilla'ns should be concerned but it will turn out fine.

  7. Yet more Brexit nonsense. We the BRITS do not want to be part of Europe. Yet everyone else is impacted. Yawn,……….. Either run your own countries or get with the programme.

  8. I think they should petition France to come and liberate them. Macron could send two Gendarme to merely switch the flags over, it would take May and the current idiotic Tory infighting crew a year or so to notice, and other 10 to ague about it. They would, as much of the UK, would be better off as part of France. Perhaps Scotland can also make the Auld Alliance a Union, as opposed to the current imposition and fiat by idiotic toffs from the Home Counties

  9. They can negotiate about this particular and tiny territory of Britain and exempt it from some regulations. I believe San Martin also wants the same thing, cause it sounds they profiting from this even more than Anguillans

  10. Who cares! Saint Martin and the rest of the Caribbean can leave the EU too and they will all trade freely together – just like they used to do before. the idea that we all need common laws or common rules is stupid.

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