Brexit chaos: New cabinet ministers appointed

It’s been another hectic day in Westminster – Amber Rudd has been appointed to be Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. It’s a remarkable return to the political frontline, only eight months since her demise as Home Secretary over the Windrush controversy. Here is Michael Crick with all the twists and turns.



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33 thoughts on “Brexit chaos: New cabinet ministers appointed

  1. EVERYBODY knows that Theresa May's deal stinks. Even the Institute of Economic Affairs, which is pro-business, has produced reports saying that the deal is Brexit in name only, and that it will make it virtually impossible to strike new trade deals with the rest of the world. Yet despite almost universal condemnation, May refuses to budge. The Daily Mail, which, under its new editor has become a pro-EU Remainer newspaper, has produced countless articles praising May's strength, resilience, indomitable spirit and stoicism, but I can't help asking, if May is all of these things how come she has come up with such a pathetic betrayal of Brexit? Why didn't she show in Brussels the qualities that she has shown at home? The answer of course is that she is brave at home but a coward overseas. She stands up to her Cabinet and Parliament, but cowers and surrenders to Barnier. It's either that, or she is such a Remainer at heart that she is actually fighting for Brussels against her own country and has no intention of delivering a true Brexit, but intends keeping us as closely tied to the EU as she can get away with. She has been compared to Churchill, but personally I think she is more of a Chamberlain (or a Quisling, or even a Judas).

  2. just a bit of advanced notice, as everyone in the country seems to be taking a turn at this job ( very democratic way of doing things) i will be on holiday between december 22 and january 4th, so could you please make sure my turn is not within these dates. thanks in advance.

  3. Brexit is dead. The UK wants special treatment with the EU. The EU is going it alone. France is becoming the high tech giant removing the UK’s tech status. This is what happens when people vote for a failed idea (Brexit).

  4. Graham Bradley should face a police investigation. I honestly believe the 48 are already in. It is illegal for him to withhold information that would trigger a confidence vote in the PM. Also, the benefits of the EU are highly exaggerated. The UK would do itself a massive favour getting out altogether and then trade under WTO terms.

  5. the reason this is fucking up so bad is because the British willingly gave up their guns. When the people are unarmed how can they possibly stop the government who have the guns? that's why America has a second amendment.if the british people had their guns, all the leavers could have gone to london and this would have been sorted along time ago.

  6. Does this Brexit secretary know britain is a isle and do trade by using ports? Does this secretary know that communication and consensus is needed to create deals with other countries? Or does he think thats all fear mongering?

  7. Its Amber Ruddy useless….The Bus Conductor from Calais….Free bus rides to the UK for the over 30 year old children….THAT Amber Rudd…..and shes another Remainian, no surprise her Mistress has her back in harness.

  8. Jesus Christ help us all. This is going from Bad to Worse! Our clinically insane prime minister has put Amber Rudd in charge of Work And Pensions..?! The poor and vulnerable might as well just commit suicide now.

    The pathological madness is further expounded by May's totally arrogant insistence that her plan is what the British people voted for. It patently isn't. She actually believes her own lies and some others are being equally duplicitous in pretending to back her, whilst in reality they are looking after their own political careers. This entire debacle has been built on a foundation of untruth and the entire structure is showing signs of instability…

  9. Tracker systems on every goods vehicle either side of a invisible border, records of movement of goods and random checks the same as what happens at every airport and docks in the world yes I realise that certain people may abuse the system ,I am sure their are a lot brighter people out their that could adopt cctv systems that could monitor movements of goods and people without upsetting the present arrangement

  10. Who the f*ck are these people? They don't represent the people of these islands and they couldn't care less about the welfare of anyone other than themselves and their friends in business. The WWII generation would be appalled.

    Lions led by b*stard Donkeys.

  11. What I find funny is that Prime Minister Therese May refuses to let the Bo Jo take over! Bo Jo wants in on the Brexit deal and May keeps him out! No Brexit deal for Bo Jo, keep your slimy hands off! What will happen, it's a wait and see situation! I would imagine as the minutes count down the EU and UK will get it together! They both want a deal, who will compromise? 🇨🇦😊

  12. Problem is the seemingly simple question of Leave means leave, wasn't and isn't simple.

    If it was then Farrage, Johnson, Mogg, Davis and all the other careerist political elite would have come up with a solution to Northern Ireland.

    But they haven't. In fact they promised the moon on a fucking stick then immediately resigned or kept their heads down. Only to occasionally pop up to shout "Will of the people!" before ducking back down again.

    It's an absolute fucking discrase. End this moronic car crash of a bunch of an idea. Exit Brexit now.

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