Divided Brexit couple respond live to political turmoil

How have the tumultuous events of these last 24 hours gone down in Britain? Who better to ask than John and Heather Matthews from Stafford.

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Like many families in the country they are split over Brexit. Heather voted leave and John remain. You may remember them and their family as we explored their differing views as news of a Brexit deal crept up. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8ePvfVckp0 )

In the style of Channel 4’s Gogglebox we bring them to you, watching the political fireworks on Channel 4 News last night.


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42 thoughts on “Divided Brexit couple respond live to political turmoil

  1. Graham Bradley should face a police investigation. I honestly believe
    the 48 are already in. It is illegal for him to withhold information
    that would trigger a confidence vote in the PM. Also, the benefits of
    the EU are highly exaggerated. The UK would do itself a massive favour getting out altogether and then trade under WTO terms.
    Look at the 2016 Referendum vote. Despite 90% of the news media support,
    Leave still won 52-48%. Youtube comments seem to be 4:1 in favour
    leaving. Guardian deletes pro leave comments. The BBC should be closed
    down. It is astonishing a publicly funded body doesn't report news impartially. They, along with Channel 4 News, have become a mouthpiece for the EU.

  2. British friends ..apparently , you can not stand on your own …..you can not manage by yourself..very sad …you need european commission Barnier-Verhofstad(hates UK) France-Germany to survive….where is the great sense of the British Empire pride …where are the famous British soldiers of WW2..?……well , you will pay high taxes , you will face muslim mass immigration , open borders , obey to Georges Soros Open Society instructions , will follow the orders of european dictate policy…without argument , no discussion , obey , obey ….its that simple …if you are ok with this , well, ..welcome back …but dont bother …follow the orders….you will drown into islamic world with open borders, and little by little you will lose your British indentity….ok , good

  3. It's through the same lens of enjoying a big brother television contest that the sofa British are processing Brexit. Brexiteers and remainers and a stage of toss pot politicians. In or out Britain sinks. Call the Brexit guard the Westminister ship is sinking.

  4. Remainer: "think positive." AND that's the entire sum of their argument. And even that's wrong. The "deal" is an emetic, designed to be vomited up. Designed to make leaving appear impossible. But it will be May that is vomited in the next few days.

  5. It would seem all contributors to this post are remainers. As a consequence, I have to assume, no one actually understands what the EU is all about and no one has done any research to find out. I would never resort to offending anyone by saying they are ill informed but, unfortunately, the truth about the EU is not easily available, at least not in the UK. The fact remains, it is an unaccountable corporatocricy run by banks and multinationals that have absolutely no interest in the welfare of its inhabitants whatsoever. The sooner people realise how all the benefits that the EU once gave are being, rapidly, removed and, will, ultimately, end, the picture is far less appealing. In addition,the secret military unification with the EU will see all dissent from EU integration quashed by paramilitary forces under central EU command. Anyone who thinks I'm a nutcase should examine the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties to see the truth.

  6. She's so stereo – typical, Having this mess rub'd in her face, still thinks she's right, would vote the same. Ego tistical sefl defense in full swing.. anything but face cognitive dissidence 😀

  7. We are being manipulated. They want to force a referendum between May's deal and Remain. This is why Tony Blair (who I believe is 'in the know') says the deal is bad, it's why the EU like this deal, it's why May (who wanted to remain) is staying in office. They never intended the deal to be a good one. It is a means to an end. The British people and the people of Europe can see through this scam. If leaving with no deal is not on the referendum or is no longer an option there will be protests in this country like this country has never seen before. This isn't about brexit anymore. This is about the survival of the United Kingdom itself. Our democracy is on the line. Our future is on the line. Everything is on the line. Now is the time to choose. Are we free or are we not? The EU has shown its true colours. How can anyone support remain given that the EU is perfectly willing to castrate this country with May's deal? They want to control this country and they do not want to accept the democratic reality. They are not acting like friends. If they were a fair, democratic, friendly organisation they would be doing everything they can to give us a good deal.

  8. Her last comment says it all "we've done it before, we'll do it again" not realising that "before" the World was a much different place and there was reason we joined the union in the first place! Because the World CHANGED! Look up the Suez crisis to name but one…

  9. Let's divide Britain in the same way India and Pakistan were created 70 years ago. One part can be inhabited by those who want Brexit and another part by those who want to Remain. It's the only way the problem can be solved.

  10. Merkel just announced a EU Army to the EU Parliament. We're seeing the end of national sovereignty in the EU. All rights transferred to Brussels. Good luck you guys, we'll be watching when the political Commissars are hauling you into the streets for speaking out or laughing at a rude joke.

  11. “We’ve done it before and we will do it again”

    When exactly before has Britain pulled out of a secure economic club and decided to ‘go it alone’?

    Far too many people who benefited from the 80s house boom and are now retiring comfortably off have decided that the benefits that they had should not be passed on to future generations!

    We should be listening to the youth within society who generally are less fearful of chgange and difference and who realise that Britain needs to be part of Europe and not trying to retrun to the ‘Little England’ of the past.

    "NO!" European Court of Justice,
    "NO!" European Army,
    "NO!" Unlimited Free Movement of People.

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