The Brexit fears of the children of EU nationals

Now for some voices you rarely hear from in the Brexit debate.


More than 600,000 children live in the UK who were born elsewhere in the EU. Many of them came to Britain years ago and now consider it home. So what does Brexit mean for these young people, who are still finding their place in the world?


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40 thoughts on “The Brexit fears of the children of EU nationals

  1. I have to say as a Greek person, that my grandad and my dad are born and raised in the uk and that We all agree that these poles,Romanians and bulgarians come here and work for 5 pounds a day but still you can’t blame the whole eu for that!i don’t see any Greeks or Albanians or Italians or Spanish working here for 5 pounds and hour and I don’t think that the eu citizens are the ones that create problems here! And I think is better living next to a polish family than to a Pakistani,or African or arabic

  2. If you were not born in the UK or are a citizen you have no say on Brexit. It was a decision for UK citizens only full stop. Quit all the pleading for another referendum it only divides people further and could incite serious unrest if they dont stop. If you want to stay part of the EU go live in the EU pure and simple.

  3. Eastern Europeans are much better than black jihadists who slicing British soldiers throats in the broad daylight in the middle of the streets. The vast majority (85%) thugs and gangs in London are blacks. And do not call me a racist coz it's a pure truth.

  4. It’s really rich
    People are saying now that a brexit deal is done that suits both sides , Er, Er um ..
    ime sorry but both sides didn’t win the brexit vote ,
    only one side Won , IT WAS THE LEAVE SIDE , okay

  5. Only thing they've got to fear is their own governments in Poland Latvia Estonia etc…..when their governments start deporting brits – then it will be bye bye time for them . After all… the EU is all about cakes and eating it , cherry picking etc – for these kids to be able to stay in the UK whilst brits are being deported wouldn't be anything else but cherry picking.

  6. Look i understand all the frustration with eastern europeans and let's be honest here with all the gypsies coming into the country from Romania and Bulgaria they are nothing but trouble I'm 100% sure that the people who voted for leaving the EU all voted because of freedom of movement and not because something else, but on the other hand you have to admit that there are a lot of good hard working eastern europeans living and working the the UK like doctors, engineers , medical assistants etc… that have nothing to do with those people and that hate them and are affected by them on a daily basis more then the people of UK they hurt eastern europeans image me for example i am a Romanian national and i was in the UK 3 times until now as a tourist and i have to tell you I am ashamed to show my romanian passport in the UK because of all the gypsies and bad people that came to the UK. I love the UK it's one of the greatest countries in the world why should we restrict each others movement just because some bad apples, and think about the the small business owner who get all of their merchandise from the EU or the UK nationals who have businesses in the EU who get all their merchandise from the UK a lot of people. are going to be affected

  7. Just look at the comments under this video, Brexit has given the racists the all clear to come out and espouse their disgusting, backwards ways. Take a long hard look at yourself Britain, you are an embarrassment.

  8. So these people have to choose whether they want to be Brits or Eastern European? Just choose Britain if you’re not comfortable leaving you knob. Great video by the way, sad kids always make for a good political argument. Thinking they will be kicked out is a ridiculous line of reasoning.

  9. I've never seen a Government that put Foreigners First than their own People Second 😂😂😂 I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU BRITAIN 😂😂😂😂 THE WHOLE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  10. The British government is quite happy to sell residency to rich millionaires who hide their cash in the UK tax havens. I’d much rather have people who are willing to work and contribute to a shared community.

  11. Over half the UK is disgusted with Channel 4 News. I know you think calling us racists will make us go away, but we think you're blinded by your own good intentions. And you know what they say about paving stones made of good intentions…

  12. Yes we are all privileged to live in Britain it's a great Country and British people get fed up of the race card being used against them .our great Country comes before anything and anybody and brexit is the best thing to happen for Britain .

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