UN probes UK poverty amid benefits shake-up

Being poor and on benefits in the UK can mean surviving on very little money – now the United Nations rapporteur on poverty has come to the country to investigate just how severe a problem it is.

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The United Nations rapporteur on poverty has, in recent times, reported on extreme poverty in countries including Ghana, China, Mauritania and the USA. At the end of this week, Philip Alston will conclude a 12-day, fact-finding mission to the UK to see for himself what it means to survive on very little money in modern-day Britain. Here at a standing invitation from the government, he is hearing accounts of food banks, benefit delays and low pay. We have been to the north east of England and Essex to meet some of the people for whom making ends meet is a difficult and daily struggle.


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40 thoughts on “UN probes UK poverty amid benefits shake-up

  1. Old people vote for conservatives and their cruel policies, And then complain when they're lonely. You can't beat down one group of people and then ask for sympathy

  2. Why should the poor people pay for the mistake of the elite . Our civil servants have had up to 15% pay rise since the so-called recession . Ten million pound to bury Thatcher . It don't add up .

  3. I got £12 to live on for everything for at least a month thx to UC.
    It seems PTSD doesn't exist to these cold hearted idiots !
    You might have to add my name to your suicide diary IDS !

  4. Even after colonising and stealing the world you still have nothing. but all i see everyday in the news is a smiling and neverending partying loyal family! really crime never pays.

  5. Do a degree full time and you will get funding while bettering your life! Just do a stem subject not a easy joke one like psychology and you will be fine. FWI I do part time and get no funding but work as well to support myself

  6. There is NO hope for anyone in the UK anymore. Too much regulation and government corruption. People only have one option in the UK, and that is to just live a simple life and not to expect a bright future. Accept what you are given and count your blessings. I was at a Christmas street party tonight , it felt like I was back in the 1800s

  7. How is it,

    1. I work full-time (40+ hours)
    2. My missus works part-time (20+) and full-time mum on top of that.

    Yet we struggle to meet all the bills (and we're modest creatures) universal credit tops us up! Just think about that! What more can we possibly do yet we're seen by the government as needing help. This system is ridiculous!

    Surely the answer is in the wage gap, how can 1 man/women be worth 10 of someone else? Well that's what is reflected in pay.

    But no need to worrie if you're lucky enough to be part of other half, the system is working great! 👍👍

  8. Poverty is caused by man. In the UK is caused by the Tory government. UK has the highest tax rate in euro. In the Last two years Tory have add extra hardship on the poor by creating Bed room tax and zero hour contract.

  9. Millions of people are living in medieval of type poverty in UK. They cannot afford new clothes , shoes and healthy food anymore. The landlords are ripping off the poor tenants and extortionate public transport fares have forced many people into using bicycles for commuting to work. The level of people’s happiness and feeling of security has reached its lowest level and eveyone is worried about the future. Housing prices have gone up so absurdly that owning your own property has become a dream. Everyday the situation is becoming worse and worse and more and more people are falling below poverty line. This situation cannot carry on any more.

  10. Absent fathers, having children they cannot afford, poor diets, obsessions with celebrity status and social media, buying things they cannot afford, borrowing money they cannot repay, ( inability to do simple maths.) poor priorities for whatever money they do have, and short term thinking…I’m in my sixties, and did not have children, because I knew I could not afford them, on what I was earning at the time. I did not assume it was someone else’s responsibility to fund my lifestyle…and I’m still living day to day.

  11. At least they have meals daily through welfare.  Britain do not produce any food.  Where are the farms?.  The truth is that Britain and France have lived on stolen wealth,  food and other resources coming from its former colonies for years.  At no time have they work in farms and even produce food.  Ireland was the one producing food for them.  Lazy people.

  12. Unbelievable the UN now probing UK poverty level Ha ha ha ha ha.  UK/Britain is failing its citizens.  Let UK dissolve and go back to how they were before, England, Scotland and Ireland the way they were before.  Global elite with no citizenship in any nation are now controlling affairs of several countries.  I think this should be insult to many British people that the UN is now probing their nation for poverty level.  Where are the people?

  13. Queen has 83 billion. Plenty of money for fake wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc to kill innocent muslims when you said it was the Saudis & Mossad Jews behind 9/11 didn't you? No money for tax payers who paid into the pot but can't work now through being elderly or too sick? Where's all the money, oil & gold you stole from Iraq & Libya?????

  14. Britain has a problem with absent useless fathers. Trust me my mum ran and worked at a food bank for years, during the labour government and Tory government, and that seems to be the biggest problems, too many families where the fathers have pissed off.

  15. if the government don't get a grip of this.,we will have the same problem as in some states in America people living on the sidewalk in tents or caravans on the street.,.everytime I watch a programme about universal credit the government think it's not happening people are not struggling.,they will not change it back because .,they will not admit it was wrong decision.,the amount of money the government put into the change,it's not bear thinking about .,government don't care it doesn't affect them like,
    the cuts to the NHS ,they don't have to use the NHS ,like state schools they don't have to use them,like police cuts because you don't have to ring them,so on so on., what dose not affect them does not matter, .,my solution is you give everybody a set amount live on whether they're working or not.,something they don't have to claim they automatically get.,and you'll see more people in work.

  16. The un is not fit for purpose. It is corrupt to the core. It is being influenced by the o.I.c. organisation of Islamic countries of which all 53 of them are members. It was them that thought up the Marrakesh declaration that t.may signed us into behind closed doors. We need to leave the un .

  17. Let us be very clear – the vast majority of non whites that flooded the UK live of welfare, and 'open borders' means every day there is more leeches flooding the UK.

    It is zero surprise that the welfare available for true British become less and less.

  18. What makes me Cringe is all the Powers that be say there's not a problem with immigration,for Christ sake what more is it going to take before they realise, probably when people start dying in droves !!!!!!!!!!

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