Yarl’s Wood: Undercover in the secretive immigration detention centre | Channel 4 News

The treatment of detainees inside the notorious Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre is revealed in exclusive footage obtained by a Channel 4 News investigation.

Warning: this film contains offensive language from the start.

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32 thoughts on “Yarl’s Wood: Undercover in the secretive immigration detention centre | Channel 4 News

  1. It’s a detention center. What do you except? It to be like a 5 star hotel and when they leave the guards say nicely “don’t immigrate illegaly ok?” QUIT SAYING ITS LIKE THE HOLOCAUST!!!! Do you see gas chambers?! Do you see people starving to death?! ITS A DETENTION CENTER!!!!

  2. If there is nothingto hide then why cant any one use there mobile to record, ive been here a number of times and find thata many visitors complain , i stood next one man who asked to see moniter footage of why each visit hes hekl 40 minutes in to an agreed 3 hour visit i to lossed 40 minutes each visit and i traveled from Liverppol down there ,its discussting and while there im told of many things that cant be proven, put your self in there possision locked up against there civil libirties, and treated as criminal with out proper due cause and there no way they can defend them selves as there not allowed bank accounts . so only people like me paying to legal support does any of them stand a chance at a so-called decent hearing, then man i was next his wife had been there 18 months, you not allowed to hug in the meeting room its just a dreadful, in 5 months i was going there they changed the staff 2times so i meant 3 different staff, that tells you something ,not once did i get my 3 hour visit in both the afternoon and evening visits . it was stressful driving home each time

  3. Serco is run by rupert soames, the British version of dick cheney. A total nazi sociopath that is grandson to Winston rotshchild Churchill using taxpayer funds to oppress people. A perfect example of why impeachment should be reinstated in the UK.

  4. I wonder if the predominately female inmates, being run by a predominately male staff that have been proven to have sexually abused them, had anything to do with them being "unruly"? Seems like the perfect place to take advantage of vulnerable females without anyone knowing, then ship them out of the country before anyone finds out.

  5. They try to lure people from the airport and places where they are already being detained and tell them that they will have a good place to go while they are sorting out their business. I just came home from the UK and they tried to do this with me but I insisted that they not remove me from the premises of Heathrow airport. I was held unjustly and without due cause for over 40 hours on three separate occasions when I arrived to London. I asked to be able to sign something saying they would not remove me, this is what you need to do. You can legally stay on the premises at the airport for 24 hours in a lockdown facility, and you're better under their jurisdiction then you would be going off to a detention camp. I have lost complete faith in any sort of justice system as they lied to me and lied about me nor did they did not care about the proof I gave them to prove my innocence that they were asking for. Tourist one minute, jailed criminal the next. Horrible!!!!

  6. Why do British news organizations insist on attacking British institutions, British culture and British people. What in the world are you going to do when Islamists are threatening to kill you because you are "Kaffir"? Who is going to help you then? Allah?

  7. Shame on British people. A proof to show you have to be satanic to be part of this hell hole. What a pity and disgrace to Britain for being such a hypocritical country, trying to teach other countries how to treat their citizens right and respect human rights. O what a shame Britain, a big shame and disgrace. Hypocrites.

  8. Months of hardcore journalism on the abuses of Yarl's Wood reveals…
    14 minutes worth of people swearing, usually in private, with little support for abuse allegations.

    What a waste of fucking time. Let's just totally ignore inmates attacking guards and any other practical explanations, because we get to yell "racist" and feel better about ourselves.

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