BPAS: abortion clinics turned into ‘battlegrounds’ | Channel 4 News

Clare Murphy of BPAS tells Channel 4 News the area around abortion clinics should not be turned into “battlegrounds”, as anti and pro-abortion protesters demonstrated outside a London clinic.

Woman confronts anti-abortion protesters: http://bit.ly/1yQ2oLO

Watch more on the protests here: http://bit.ly/1z6Q9cL

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12 thoughts on “BPAS: abortion clinics turned into ‘battlegrounds’ | Channel 4 News

  1. BPAS are such a disgusting organisation. If any of these so-called ‘women’s rights advocates’ cared tuppence about the treatment women, they’d stand against the lies that women (and men) have been fed by abortion culture. The whole thing is sad beyond belief.
    Abortion is an atrocity. A genocide spreading right beneath our noses. Every abortion robs life from a unique individual with their own DNA, which after as little as the fifth week of pregnancy, is fully sentient with a beating heart. Abortions since 1967 in Britain have stolen close to 9 million lives, that’s more than cancer cases have since 1950. The picture is sadly very similar in America.
    A shocking state of affairs it truly is.

  2. Steve true
    No some women are coerced into an abortion and lied to by abortion clinics ,abortion is a heinous act of violence directed towards an innocent human being,and saying that any man shouldn't have a say is both sexist and wrong ,as they have had a 50 per cent input in it

  3. "Hosting an abortion service"? Is this woman fucking serious? She makes it sound like a dinner party. What she means is "We are allowing unwanted babies to be murdered". It is what it is. Don't try and hide the cold truth.

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