China: “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network” – BBC News Video News

China has been building what it calls “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network”. Across the country, 170 million CCTV cameras are already in place and an estimated 400 million new ones will be installed in the next three years.
Many of the cameras are fitted with artificial intelligence, including facial recognition technology. The BBC’s John Sudworth has been given rare access to one of the new hi-tech police control rooms.
Producer: Joyce Liu. Camera: Wang Xiqing.

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38 thoughts on “China: “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network” – BBC News Video News

  1. A society that needs monitoring is an uneducated society where malicious crimes often occur. People there are so selfish and they are merely interested in their own profit only. Trust relationship no longer exists there, and money and violence are all. Yeah, it's China !!

  2. I support this using this system here in America. However I’ll demand that there be clear and accurate checks and balances as well as civilian oversight. This system could be a blessing for law enforcement, the public, and the environment but only if it’s not abused like it is in China where they are using it to monitor how much freaking toilet paper an individual uses(I don’t even want to know how they know that). I’d say use the system to find criminals(with a warrant), litterers(for god sakes this system alone plus some reasonable fines could probably drop littering in this country by half within a year or two), help the police find kidnap victims and perps, guide police or the public to lost children, track Jihadist, insure that public safety laws are followed, etc. etc. etc. Just so long as it’s used to help and protect the public and my info isn’t being used to “credit me, judge me, score me, or is sold to some damn firm, and is kept absolutely locked and away from prying eyes who have no reason they should be looking at it. Do that and I say let’s give it a try and see if it makes a difference.

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  4. Thank God for China surveillance, how else are they suppose to combat espionage and spies who take up jobs as journalists in mainstream media outlets? Too many spies in this world work for the people who wish to do other nations harm & just because you're a citizen of your own country, doesn't mean that your government body are the good guys. Nobody trusts anybody anymore and fpr great reasons too. Money can easily pay off anybody and just because Europe & America sought to have more freedoms for themselves, doesn't mean that any other nation should or be forced to follow suit. In my opinion, less freedoms produced less security threats to a nation & it's governing body. Too much information is free to the press and to common folk in western countries. Information that should certainly be labeled as classified can be requested via an online application because western governments are too transparent with their information. This allows virtually anyone to snoop, question & have the need to want to delve further into whatever it is that one or groups are seeking. China is merely protecting their nation from a future of uncertainty. Say what you want about China, but they are the fastest growing economy & government in the world. China is the greatest, most powerful nation on Earth and those of you who refuse to admit it… You're all just too frightened to admit it.

  5. 如果不要这监控录像,那么犯罪分子肯定砖这个漏洞强奸妇女儿童了,到时候警察要破案那需要很久世界找线索,等到警察找到线索犯罪分子已经到国外旅游了,所以还是必须要监控为了人民性命财产保险保证

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