Damon Albarn on politicians vs musicians, a People’s Vote and his new album

Damon Albarn had made his name as a political musician – as the frontman for Blur, Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad and The Queen – he was vocally opposed to the Iraq War and now, is entirely frustrated by Brexit.

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He talks to Krishnan backstage before his gig in Hackney about how politics and music collide, why he thinks there should be a People’s Vote and the inspiration behind his latest album.


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28 thoughts on “Damon Albarn on politicians vs musicians, a People’s Vote and his new album

  1. I don't always 100% agree with Damon (though I do on most things) but there is no denying he's a thoughtful, interesting man with lots of thoughts to share about the current state of our world. His intelligence is palpable in his music, and Merrie Land is one of his strongest and most evocative records, imo. Hopefully TGTBATQ will also tour outside the UK!

  2. Damon's very talented, he's made some good music but even if he was sober he would not have the political solutions! He believes in another EU referendum (so he's an establishment stooge) and is so certain remain will win, i think he's got another thing coming! So c'mon British people let's prove him wrong! Let's vote 2 leave again! (if they have the arrogance 2 ask us again, wanting a different result).

  3. How does it feel to when you voted for and helped the uks hitler ( Blair ) kill millions of innocent civilians and military personnel all around the world on his war for peace left wing power trip !

  4. First album I ever bought was ‘Parklife’ in 1994, and it was a great album. Shame Albarn knows little about politics, and is totally out of touch with the average British voter. It’s not ‘liberal’ to support an organisation such as the EU, which is an undemocratic bloated bureaucracy. Also, his comments on Tony Blair clearly show how he’s suffering with cognitive dissonance. Just like Noel Gallagher, Albarn was fooled by all that New Labour garbage in the 90’s and supported Blair, and even after he acknowledges that Tony Blair committed the nation to an ‘unnecessary’ war in the Middle East he can’t admit that he was wrong for supporting Blair’s government. He was wrong about New Labour, he’s wrong about the need for a second referendum, and he’s wrong about Brexit.

  5. Damon Albarn is so self indulgent it’s painful. His views on Brexit are to be respected but I dare say they would be different had the world not afforded him the luxury of his opinions.

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