Full Speech: Trump at the UN general assembly – BBC News Video News

US President Donald Trump has attacked the Iranian leadership, accusing it of sowing “chaos, death and destruction” across the Middle East.
Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he defended his decision to abandon the nuclear deal.
Mr Trump also boasted that his administration had accomplished “more than almost any” other in US history.
His words were greeted with laughter but he laughed back, saying: “Didn’t expect that reaction.”

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37 thoughts on “Full Speech: Trump at the UN general assembly – BBC News Video News

  1. The problem is the UN representatives, as a majority, are laughing with Trump, not at him.The USA was a key contributor to free speech as the country with the greatest military potential. The USA has no such stance currently and a few will benefit from it handsomely for a bit.

  2. The federal reserve ain't even owned by the government, I'm on some other shit
    I'm on a mothership, fuck are we voting for?
    Who is this congressman, Fortune 500's
    Be funding the Democratics and Republicans
    In case you was wonderin.’

  3. 00:54 “SO TRUE!” 😂 And loved the reaction!..AWWWESOME! …same as him! & Just look at his reaction… his face so sweet and genuine! he’s really such a good person and true patriot! ALWAYS has been! ❤️ from Russia!

    …..jk Massachusetts

  4. Mariana K. You are ignorant – this man is an honorable and truthful man despite all obstacles – he preservers and wins. This is a man that loves America and is doing everything in his power to make America Great Again. You can throw all the stupid facts around and they fall on deaf ears because we see with our own eyes the accomplishments of this great man. The socialists are losing the battle of good vs evil – because Trump is the Good. I feel sorry for your ignorance and closed mind – you are the one that I am disappointed in – you are part of a dying concept – socialism and communism are being defeated because America has a President who cannot be bought. He works for free to save America from what would be the end of our Freedom and security. We will fight for this man because he fights for us. Viva La Presidente and Viva America!!!

  5. Our President loves America and the American people – he has been chosen to save America. He is our voice. Our President speaks for the American people and respects our nation and it's constitution. This is a man of honor. Best President ever.

  6. America must brace itself as President Trumps takes us into Sharia law – Mr. Trump signed the Fosta bill – from what I understand – A lonely person can now receive a 10 year prison sentence if caught looking for a female date. It's actually part of Mr. Trumps war against sex and the Oligarchy Jew King pins population control agenda.

  7. Isn’t it interesting folks that the UN supposedly cares so much for the well being of humanity and yet they allow some of the worst countries of human rights abuses to be a member such as India, Iran, Venezuela etc. And yet they pretend to be the authority and they pretend to stand for human rights. People are starting to wake up to the truth though and good on the countries standing up against the UN trying to dictate and override the will of the people.

  8. Végre egy igazai nagy erős elnök,aki megvédi a szeretett országát!A Demokraták megbuktak,és ezt nem tudják elfogadni!Mert az amerikai nép változást akart!Mert igen nagyszerű elnök!A kínai kereskedelmi háborúban,is igaza van,mert országa érdekeit tartja szem előtt,nem idegen érdekek és nemzeteket tartja a legfontosabbnak!Egy igazi hazafi,mert nagyon szeret a népét!Visszautasítok minden alaptalan vádat,aki az elnököt igazságtalanul bántsa vagy megsérti!Olyan politikus,aki nem csak beszél,hanem cselekszik és tesz is az országáért!Bevándorlásügyben is jogtalanul és igazságtalanul bántsák,mert ha beengedi a mexikói határon tartózkodó migránsokat,utána már nem lehet megállítani őket,és akár milliók is megindulhatnak Amerika felé.Eleve mindenkit nem tud befogadni,mert mindenki maradjon a saját hazájában!Bár ha volna olyan,nagyon szívesen támogatnám anyagilag is az amerikai elnök falát,hogy minél hamarabban felépüljön,az igen jól megszervezett migráns invázió miatt!IDonald Trump amerikai elnök életére és kedves családjára is Isten gazdag áldását kívánom!

  9. What I find ridiculous is the diplomats that pretend to not understand English yet…………They are looking at their American iphones to understand English?………..essentially they are saying I need American technology to understand because I'm too stupid to learn the Queen's English.

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