The secret world of female Freemasons – BBC News Video News

Think of the Freemasons and you probably think of a shadowy world of secret handshakes and dark allegations of corruption and even conspiracy.
But how true is that?
In a UK first Victoria Derbyshire reporter Claire Jones was given access to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the initiations, ceremonies and rituals of female Freemasons.

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26 thoughts on “The secret world of female Freemasons – BBC News Video News

  1. where is the bottom line if it is sooo harmless and wonderful why the BIG SECRET .. flowery answers that say zippity
    do dah …, when they become transparent
    u can expect hell to be frozen

  2. I heard satan conducts meeting where he asks what evil work u have done and each describes his work and best of their work is rewarded with sitting on the highest chair and work is creating barrier between man and his wife.

  3. Free masonry is a joke why do you need a secret society when you say your like every other people you dont do bad thats a lie in secret they well do dirty things like disrespect religions and the life of one

  4. Then plz explain this:

    Also those who have done proper research and know about Albert Pike, know was was the leader of freemasonry and he was very open about the freemasonry's political supremecy.

    It isn't really the freemasons who r powerful but those who created them the 13 elite bloodline family among which 1 of the family control's guess what? World Bank and IMF, yes the Rothschilds. Also what isnt pointed out often is the fact that rothschild sent the rockefellars to the colonial america and jump started the industrial revolution which helped establish their control over the banking, financial and other industrial sectars. Both families r of the 13 blood line families of illuminati, creation of illuminati was funded by rothschilds. Rothchilds r not jewish but cabalist. Infact both rothschild and rockfellars r cabalists. As evident from david rockefellar's book memoirs here is the link to the page 405

    These r rhe 13 bloodline families:

    Of which both rockefellars and rothschilds r a part of. We do know that illuminati and freemasonry ranking works from lowest to the highest number, the highest number being the most influencial and what do u know it the Rothschild are 13th on the list. The most high and influencial elite family of illuminati/freemasonry and the only family whose assets range in TRILLIONS! of which they only disclosed 1 trillion to forbes, ya right! Like people will by that. That those who control and own the most mega corporations and hold other countries by their necks due to the loans that are bought from them. This family very nearly has taken over the world. Its a shame that only now information is becoming available.

  5. This is all bullcrap…typical of the BBC to propogate the devil and his flock and the star of the show is an Asian woman thats because the last front of resistance against all the evil and anti family teachings is the Muslims and they are being attacked from all fronts especially tge weak links namely muslim women and muslim children they secretly mastermind the major terrorist groups their corrupt followers so blind and stupid that they dont realise that their jihad is not jihad but really murder and wickedness that distorts everything tge muslims hold sacred and filming it and reporting it is the bbc! Im glad I dont have a tv or a tv licence cos id rather eat shit and die rather than give the bbc the snot out of my nose!! Women freemasons all white rich women bar an asian here or a black there

  6. One day muslium war againt them because they r evil and they worship evil..
    And we all know these people going to make One World Order..
    Which clearly means that only worship evil and follow evil deeds…soo muslium or Christian will fight together againt these jockers

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