US Election 2016: Recap of the night before – BBC News Video News

BBC News looks at how the night unfolded.

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47 thoughts on “US Election 2016: Recap of the night before – BBC News Video News

  1. Trump: I just received a phone call from Hillary Clinton, and between the screaming sobbing and cursing she said “OK, you won, I hope you choke on it!” Always classy, that Hillary. MAGA’

  2. Best night of my life. Cried tears of joy with my family 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 America, we dodged a bullet by not letting Hillary into power. God bless this country

  3. Still Winning
    Thank GOD for President ღ♥TRUMP♥ღ
    O-vomit SHIT All Over Americans
    And the hildaHag would have FLUSHED
    Finishing us OFF
    By the way..
    Has Barack Hussein Obama
    Learned to Walk on Water YET?
    ツ(ˆ◡ˆ)【ツ】(ړ יי)
    Team ☆TRUMP☆

  4. I thought it was an odd choice of music for when Trump comes out to give his victory speech to play theme song to “Air Force One”, the movie where the president’s plane was hijacked.

  5. I would take Trump over that spoil little punk b****we Canadians have to call our prime minister at least Trump doesn't go on International TV crying like a little girl not to mention the fact as a veteran his ass is doing all he can two gut our Defense Forces!!!!!!!

  6. I knew Hillary Clinton would not be good for this country,she would be a massive threat to national security and to humanity she has no respect for human life she s a liar a criminal etc I WAS SO HAPPY SHE LOST BUT TRUTHFULLY I DIDN T BELIEVE SHE WAS GOING TO WIN TO BEGIN WITH I THOUGHT SHE ONLY HAD A SLIM CHANCE OF WINNING

  7. Hillary didn't even respect her supporters enough to speak to them in person. She sent someone out to tell them to leave. Then, she called Donald Trump and conceded. Another 3 am moment she wasn't ready for.

  8. It's so silly how on BBC and CBC they make such a big deal about the Electoral College being this strange feature when their own Parliaments are also elected in "first past the post" systems that allow you to win control of government with less than majority of the popular vote, or even not being in first place on the national popular vote.

  9. We want open borders so millions can flood in then we have no jobs and the ones of us that get assistance can put millions more on it till it goes bankruptcy, then the ones that do nothing and have no job, say why can't we have anything anymore. Because you destroy America. Fkn moron! This isn't unicorn land! We're there are no consequences! Pure idiots, dumbest generation in the history of the world,

  10. Cheers from Canada!!! MAGA!! Our Prime Minister is a left wing douchbag!! TRUMP 2020!! Great job so far Mr. President!!! Unlike your media and Hollywood dickheads want to impeach you! Go Trump!!

  11. I voted for Obama first term. Realized that I was suckered into the Democratic party machine. I realized their interests were for globalization, redistribution of wealth out of the US, and supporting foreign countries with aid packages despite those countries population chanting death to America. Trump is probably the most like our American forefathers than any President since. I voted for Trump. I did have some reservations regarding his temperament and unpredictability. But one thing I could count on is he is a builder. He wants to create not destroy. He may go down as the best President in my lifetime and I am 47. He is not perfect and his reactionary comments sometimes cause me angst. But he wants America and Americans to succeed. He absolutely does love a certain color though. Green. The color of money. He literally exposed the fake news for what they are…and machine run by big money. If you are white,black,brown,yellow whatever, if he succeeds then America succeeds. MAGA!

  12. The one comment that I totally dislike is when the it is said that if Trump wins this, Hillary loses the White House. This is their over the board belief that they our White House was Hillary's White House to lose. She never had the White House and will never again live there. You can't lose that which YOU never had. Talk about stuck up mindless turds.

  13. look at the idiots who cry there. Wanna open borders, high taxes, Socialism, and no 1st or 2nd amendments? ignorant idiots. Should Hillary been winning, USA would become Venezuela​.

  14. hahaha, how could the Liberals even THINK they would win? Hillary could not even fill up a school cafeteria while Trump had 30,000 fans in every hanger while 30,000 more were standing outside cheering from the top of their lungs

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