Vegan activists ‘threatening’ farmers – BBC News Video News

Farmers are receiving death threats from “militant” animal welfare activists, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.
Reporter Amber Haque has spent time with farmers and vegan group The Save Movement, which says it has a non-violent approach to campaigning.

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38 thoughts on “Vegan activists ‘threatening’ farmers – BBC News Video News

  1. So these people live in a house? Drive a car? Use power ?? If you do that you support animals dieing for tree cutting for building houses Dont go offfff at a guy eating a animal wen you support tree cutting

  2. If i were there i would've put on the biggest bbq ever and then and only allow 5%to be eaten and the rest for the local dump and then slaughter a pig just for bacon and scrap the rest because i can afford to and the law legally allows me to so stop the hate and appreciate jealousies

  3. Vegans are destroying the human race which is the mammal race. If they’re trying to preserve mammals then why destroy the other?

    Bunch of nonsensical and irrational radical hypocrites.

    I’m about to eat some more steaks so come try to kill me you lame vegans. I guarantee you won’t make it halfway before you get knocked the F out

  4. ''We have got people to feed'' lol.. almost all land is used for food for the animals that we eat. If we would use all land to grow food for ourselves we would solve world hunger 7 times over.

  5. The definition of murder is killing unlawfully and with premeditation. This is exactly what the slaughter houses are doing! These killings are wrong and need to stop! We don't kill and eat pets, so we shouldn't we kill pigs, cows, chickens and sheep! It's not needed. We don't need to consume animals that's a fact!

  6. Dogs r considered man best fren but they r taken as a delicacy in some part of our world, eating pigs r considered as sin in some some place but many enjoy it in someplaces, cows r considered as sacred in some part of our world but not all over…I think even human are considered a good stuff tio in someplaces perhaps…what we dont need is, wars…no more wars…

  7. We understand they don't want to eat meat and let them get on with it. So why can't they understand some people want to eat meat and let us eat what we want, instead of forcing their views across and ruining farmers lives

  8. So, animal protectionist and protesters, all animals including insects I presume. So avocado, Broccoli and other difficult to pollinate plant life which fall onto the vegan menu have to be pollinated by transporting bee’s by road in a forced relocation for them to pollinate these plants to grow! Various crops that also make up the vegan diet chemicals are used to kill the unwanted life that eats the crop, other animals are shot and trapped to protect the crop, so I ask you, are you truly vegan or just liberal snowflakes who feel it’s appropriate to trespass, engage in violent and unlawful activities, condescend those that don’t make your choice and condemn those that supply the market place. What right have you to impose you will and choices on others, you are free to make your choice, so are others.

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