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Scientists are saying that the Sun is in a phase of “solar lull” – meaning that it has fallen asleep – and it is baffling them. So what’s going on? Rebecca Morelle reports for BBC Newsnight

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21 thoughts on “WHY HAS THE SUN GONE TO SLEEP? – BBC NEWS Video News

  1. I think people perceive the sun as a gazillion watt light bulb that lasts billions of years with a constant output.
    Mention cosmic rays and the eyes glaze over.
    No wonder they fall for anthropogenic global warming. I mean climate change. I mean sustainable development.

  2. The problem is that a reduction in sun spots with a correspondent reduction in the intensity of the Sun's magnetic field leads to an increase in the amount of cosmic rays entering the Earths atmosphere. Cosmic rays are high energy subatomic particles that increase the rate of cloud formation. This hypothesis was derived from observations of subatomic particles in devices referred to as bubble chambers by physicists doing high energy research. With more cloud cover, surface temperatures decrease. The Sun's magnetic field deflects the cosmic rays which are natural radiation from deep space. If the Sun has a weaker magnetic field, more cosmic rays enter the atmosphere leading to more cloud formation. 😉

  3. Over 50 years ago scientists were talking about a cyclical mini ice age, today we are 20 years late. The absurd apologist at the end doesn't admit how negligible human effect is compared to the big space heater in the sky or even the effect of several large volcanic eruptions. One thing is sure, many wealthy elites have remote luxury survival estates around the world.

  4. I was in Ocala Florida and I thought I was special in seeing images, loving them and a heart forming around the sun to say I was loved, now in Pennsylvania it's alot different and more failing cloaks, I have some images from a 10minute span of time and I cropped them and made them enlarged! Hologram or revelation?

  5. Human activity is no match either to warm the planet, or to cool the planet. Wen will scientists and people in general think for a while about what is the SUN and it´s environment, it´s sheer size, it´s control over all the solar system, it´s interaction with the galaxy, and so on. This is a universe so full of complexity (for us humans) that I find it incredible how mainstream media could fool people so severely and for so much time into making man kind the great villain, to the point that we blindly believe what ever they tell us, namely the men made warming. We live in an era of information, so please study and learn as much as you can and make your own thinking. Humans are excellent at thinking, so please people, use that gift and think, do not just believe the status quo, because they are all about money and they will tax you the best they can, the heavier way they can, without paying anything them selves as usual, and with the carbon trade they did it once again and people applaud. How ironic that is, they steal from you shamelessly and you applaud. They have created the hoax, and tricked us into paying for the cost of the hoax. But as in everything that occurs, some god things will arise from this, one of them being the new technologies that are now emerging. So lets be hopeful for the future. Everything happens for a purpose, and perhaps instead of being worried about CO2, which is in the cycle of food and life (animal and vegetal), we shift to real pollution like SO2, NOx and the likes. Eyes open. No fear. Be safe everyone.

  6. the earth and sun exchange plasma I think the reduction of the sun's output is directly related to the warming of the earth because of human activity and the sun is adjusting its output accordingly

  7. every 80.000 years of cold period  (given or take) there is a 10.000 warm period,   we just had that one……so logic tells us we are going back to the cold period,,, as it always has been doing….what is there not to understand ?

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