Article 50 debate: Lord Heseltine and Kate Hoey clash on Brexit

Lord Heseltine, former deputy prime minister, and MP Kate Hoey, former co-chair of Labour Leave, discuss Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50. Subscribe for more interviews:


39 thoughts on “Article 50 debate: Lord Heseltine and Kate Hoey clash on Brexit

  1. Kate Hoey and Michael Heseltine are in the wrong parties. Kate Hoey wouldn’t be out of place in UKIP or on the far right of the Tory party whilst Heseltine would make a wonderful and sympathetic Labour MP.

  2. I gueass the loss in tax income plus the increase in costs for the government will be greater then the net payments to the EU. So the UK deliberatly damaged its economy, will be dictated regulations, because the EU will remain the biggest traiding partner, for a factual loss of tax revenue and income even compaired to the avoidance of payments to the EU.

    And for once and for all. From your governmant statistics:
    "The EU, taken as a whole is the UK’s largest trading partner. In 2017, UK exports tothe EU were £274 billion (44% of all UK exports). UK imports from the EU were £341 billion (53% of all UK imports)."
    Plus: Only 18% Of exports from the EU to nonEU-countries go to the UK.
    The UK GDP is 2.620 000 000 000 dollars
    The EU's without the UK: 14.400 000 000 000 dollars (about 6 times larger)
    Population UK about 66 000 000
    Population EU without UK: about 450 000 000 (about 7 times larger)
    The EU is a secound United states right at your front door. The UK is like California leaving the US thinking they might be beter off if they can impose tarrifs on US goods and can keep imigrants from other US states from entering.
    So yes the Eu will fell a blow, but the blow for the UK will be much harder.
    PLus, you lose companies, dependencies and jobs to the mainland already. That will weaken the blow for the EU and increase the blow for the UK.
    So the EU needs the UK far less than Brexeteers would like to think, and the UK will need years and maybe decades to undo the demage, and the UK might never quite get there, where it could have been if it stayed.

  3. Hoey is really a man disguised as a woman disguised as a human being disguised as a dog disguised as a flea !
    (an insignificant one at that !)

  4. He's completely clueless! 30-40 years ago there was no long term unemployed, jobs were 40 hrs p/w and a single unskilled wage could keep a family and buy a home. Today both parent have to work, claim Tax Credits to feed and clothe the kids and cannot afford to buy a home.

  5. This old c*nt drove us into the ERM, causing interest rates to rise at a huge rate. Tens of thousands of people were left with negative equity and in many cases financially ruined before he gave up his dream of being in the Euro. Wouldn't believe anything he says.

  6. Try to remain in the EU so the likes of Heseltine can continue to claim their land grants . Then the can cram even more loot in their already full pockets .
    Self interest governs Heseltines desire .

  7. iff the eu want to screw their own economies to screw us it will be short lived…..the reason they need to punish us is because we had such a bad deal inside europe…we have all the cards….the irish are putting up a brave face they know they will have to leave when we do… need to realise we are in control

  8. Heseltine he should be alright he made a killing with the helicopter's plenty of money so what his motivation this time scared of loosing his millions in the EU banks and investment.
    The idiot should be in prison just like Blair and his corrupt politicians mates

  9. Nearly a year on Heseltine has been proven right. The EU has been dictating terms to us, the £350m for the NHS promise has been exposed as nonsense, our economy is sliding, we're losing jobs to Europe, our NHS is under threat through loss of EU workers and we are increasingly sidelined on the world stage, from the UN to the ECJ. Sorry guys, but that's just the truth.

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