Britain’s obesity crisis

More than 200,000 doctors have backed a report calling for urgent action to combat obesity – including a tax on fizzy drinks. But the head of Britain’s obesity forum suggests going a step further. Asha Tanna reports.

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15 thoughts on “Britain’s obesity crisis

  1. To my fellow Americans, let me translate: "Fizzy drink" = soda, "crisps" = chips, "chips" = French fries, "biscuit" = cookie. Those crazy Brits, always coming up with their own words and stuff…

  2. A 20 percent tax on fizzy drinks. Wow that's going to slim down the UK population! How many calories (actually Kilocalories, but everybody says calories.) are there in a gramme of sugar? FOUR. 4 Kilocalories in a gramme of sugar. (less than 16.75 Kilojoules.) The word to use here is Kilohoax.

  3. Avoid fizzy drinks, processed food and too much salt. Try to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and sleep properly. Moderate daily exercise is important too.

  4. Goodie two-shoes people always think that more tax and more government is the answer to something that is down to personal responsibility. Banning fast food outlets near schools will have minimal impact on obesity but a larger impact on the economy making it harder to do business.

  5. I have found that nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, nor what anyone else does/says, can assist/help anyone obese to lose weight. Seriously….there is nothing that anyone else can do. It is up to the obese person to “decide” to make the change, and then go from there. It is all on the obese person – it is not your job/never will be, you cannot help at all with someone else’s weight loss – ever. You truly just have to sit back and watch your loved ones eat themselves into poor health/early grave over decades. Unfortunately, when you and your health start to personally get affected indirectly i.e. can’t sleep with someone in house due to obesity related sleep apnoea and the snoring is intolerable, obesity related type 2 diabetes and issues sends your loved one into hospital and you are visiting day and night and your health is getting affected and many other issues are impacting on your quality of life directly due to their obesity – you are then allowed to say non fat related things like “I am entitled to a good nights sleep, it upsets me incredibly that you are ill in hospital, I want you to be well, I don’t want to live like this” etc. You are never, ever to say the “F” word, nor are you ever, ever to mention weight. You are not allowed to mention weight – ever!!! ….don’t even try to tell the obese person to lose weight, don’t bother telling them they are obese, don’t suggest diets/gym/exercise, don’t bother throwing out junk food nor ever buying it, don’t bother being a helpie kelpie and making cauliflower fried rice instead of normal rice… just won’t help, it won’t matter. The doctors will advise them accordingly when they visit (nearly half dead) due to their many obesity related illnesses, and you are off the hook for “fat shaming”. You can have all the junk food in the house and it is up to someone to “choose” for themselves whether to eat it or not. Denying them, nor yourselves of little treats will never get you anywhere. Obesity is the responsibility of the obese person. Sit back and wait, sometimes for decades, for the obese person to “ask” you for help. Until that time… nothing about someone else’s obesity…..’cos nothin’ is ever gonna work so don’t torture yourself. I repeat…..obesity is on the obese person. Someone else’s obesity is not your responsibility and we all need to stop exhausting ourselves by trying to take ownership of it.

  6. Was over in Britain last week… everything tasted brutally sweet, there were a lot of fast food joints everywhere (no restaurants with normal food). We had a pizza one night, even that was sweet like hell (so sweet it oversweeted all other taste). My tip would really be to go to a pub and eat "oldschool" English food, that Full English breakfast is better for you than all that other oversweetened stuff they throw at people nowadays. And it will keep you stuffed all day long, so in the end you even save up calories 🙂

  7. I cant remember the last time i had a fizzy drink I never eat out my food consists only of the following: eggs, skimmed milk, skyr Icelandic yogurt, berries (Goji, Blue & raspberries) apples, bananas, oranges, spinach, Chicken grilled, tuna, salmon (No red meat) peanut butter, nuts (peanuts, brazil, cashews) dark chocolate, boiled water and green tea. Not to mention whole wheat pasta and whole grain rice for my carbs and brown bread in moderation or beans.

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