England’s Muslim Cricketers – BBC News Video News

Moeen Ali and others reveal what it takes to be Asian, Muslim and playing for England. As the Ashes starts, the “beard that’s feared” discusses being made a “poster boy” for Islam. Presenter Ankur Desai also visits Adil Rashid, Haseeb Hameed and Zafar Ansar to discuss their journeys to the top of the game. Back in November 2016, the four British Muslims played in the starting England cricket team to take on India in Rajkot – a first. Since then those who run cricket have become increasingly concerned about how few South Asians are making the transition from grassroots to professional career. Ankur explores what’s being done to draw minorities to the game and asks whether this group of British Asians can inspire the next generation of players.

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28 thoughts on “England’s Muslim Cricketers – BBC News Video News

  1. Is this a piss take? Making muslim in the england team is disrespectful whats the difference between a christian vs muslm bowling? The media is full of idiots

  2. Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid can spin and play tricks on the ball.. and that all matters to me.. and I love them because of their skills, and I generally love the English Cricket team..
    Religion has nothing to do with sports.. It doesn't matter if someone is Muslim, Christian, or Atheist..

  3. What else should we expect from a leftist utube account. No one cares what religion u believe in. If ur scoring runs then u will make the team. Muslims r not oppressed by anyone other than their religion, and the leftist media seem to push it is the western worlds fault, yet we let them into our countries for them to then change our culture. I know this is a Pommy video, but in Australia this is having a Major effect, let alone in England where they took in tons of refugees. Don’t get me wrong, not all of them r violent people. But the beliefs and ideologies behind it r violent and bad.

  4. I feel BBC is trying to portray an image of England as a tolerant and multi-cultural nation by making this type of a documentary, whereby using Muslim Test cricketers as stooges. I agree with Zain Asif that we should keep religion out of sports. Why try to divide the cricketers by religion? Very unthoughtful of BBC to segregate the muslim cricketers.

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