Hungary: a civil war for the soul of Europe

The Hungarian capital looks as splendid as ever. The tourists are here en masse. But behind the alluring facade there is trouble. The European Parliament today accused the Hungary’s ruling Fidez Party of systematically undermining the rule of law, democracy and minority rights at home. The Hungarian Foreign Minister shot back: all lies. Mind your own business! Hungary, once a poster child of East European democracy is at the heart of what President Macron has described as a civil war for the soul of Europe.

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24 thoughts on “Hungary: a civil war for the soul of Europe

  1. Take a close look at Paris today! Parts of the city is completely ruined by Islamic migrants! In Europe, there are more than 900 NO-GO zones where police have 'LOST CONTROL' to migrants! Take a look at Hungry again, clean, peaceful with low crime rate — and there is NO such thing as a NO-GO zone! It seems that Hungarians are smart for not letting Islamic migrants into their country! If it means that Hungarians are Islamic phobic, so be it! At least their women and children are not subject to assault by some savage Islamic migrants, and their cities are not blocked by migrants and become NO-GO zones that even police refuse to enter! Hungry has MORE common sense than many European countries put together! Hungry should lead Europe! The Channel 4 reporter should STOP making fool out of himself and STOP criticizing Hungry!

  2. Let EU elites turn Europe into a second mid east cesspool – we here in British have little mid-east mecca and Islamic cesspool across England !! we want less Islam – our Elites are pushing down our throats more Islam – We the English need a backbone transplant soon or we will loose to Muslims in the next 20 yrs.

  3. Such a backward country. All for the fear of losing their country again, as well as all the brain-washing and scare-mongering that they happily gobble up from the state media that are all owned by Orban. They are 50 years behind the rest of Europe. Catch up, lads! Racism, and hatred is never the answer.

  4. Hey channel 4, remind us again how many terrorist attacks Hungary’s suffered from at the hands of the religion of peace? Remind us again which country has 23,000 high risk individuals who need constant monitoring, despite being from the religion of peace?

    Hey Hungary, keep doing your thing

  5. He is true leader of his people.
    God bless that good man.
    I wish Canada could realize the treat of muslims/islam/isis.
    Mass migration is corrupt, the EU and UN should be abolished, they are corrupt beyond belief.
    Soros is public enemy number #1 do to good reason and he’s Hungarian, now Jewish, he’s basically an ex Nazi that should be fed to that sharks for his treason and murder’us ways. In fact he had many of his Jewish and other friends killed by his Nazi brothers.
    (Be honest and tell the news how it really is)

  6. The trouble with the west is we have become too fat and complacent, we don`t remember the bad times, Hungary do, there are still 2 generations living that experienced the oppression of communism and they don`t want the socialism that they see us in the west having forced upon us, if it gets too bad in the UK Hungary is on my short list of places to live.

  7. Nationalism means to love and cherish one's country culture and history! Soros Democracy equals subversion of one's country, culture history, values and inheritance to the Tryanny of. a Marxist NWO and dictatorship! Hold on Hungary and the sooner the disgusting EU and UN is disbanded the better! What a pity that The UK SWEDEN GERMANY and other European nations did not love and, value their countries and citizens enough to have prevented the catasrophe that has destroyed Europe today!!!

  8. Let me list the incorrect statements in this report:

    1.) 0.05 'Imaginary enemies': George Soros is not an imaginary person and his support for the destruction of open borders and nations is open knowledge and publicly available to read based on numerous interviews with him. So he's an enemy to those who wish to polish nations states, rather than destroy them.

    2.) 2.48 The reason why 'people' (aka mass migration) stopped coming is the border fence and patrol, not Turkey, and it wasnt the EU that made the deal, but Angela Merkel, theres a difference

    3.) 2.58 'Impressive looking fence, heads of the Berlin wall. ' Its a fence, not a wall. Berlin wall separated the liberal west from communist occupation. This fence separates democracy and European culture from illegal entry of people coming from non-compatible cultures, and encourages them to the use of gates which are in place for legal entry and due process.

    4.) 3.39 wrong translation! She said: I saw them on television and I SAW WHAT THE DID THERE, so I dont want them here

    5.) 4.23 people don't live below poverty limit, but many people in Africa do

    6.) 4.40 if democracy is in peril, how did they manage to hold a rally against the president? Isn't that a democratic right?

    7.) 5.22 Soros is an enemy of democracy because he is a financial speculator with a massive influence that he can and does use to achieve his economic and political goals. See what he did in Indonesia, Britain, Russia, Ukraine, USA etc.

    8.) 5.43 Open Society foundation is not promoting democracy, its only a cover. It's supporting nearly all political opponents and majority governments that align their goals to his. Obviously. Any sane businessman would do the same

    9.) 5.53 It's not easy to wilify Soros. It's was automatically labelled racist, until the state of Israel in a statement confirmed, that criticizing Soros is not racist, but rather reasonable based on his past actions

    10.) 6.04 Soros is not liberal, but rather ult left. Silencing criticism by labeling, and eliminating free speech is hardly liberal.

    11.) 6.55 Hungary is not going through identity politics, it already has an identity, its Hungarian and christian, which has been under constant attack from communists, ottomans etc. for centuries. It's going through a cultural renaissance, not identity politics

    12.) 7.22 If your country is democratic, and you put your country first, then you strengthen democracy, as it's the part of your country. If you strengthen your body, and your hand is the part of your body, you strengthen your hands as well.

    Now you understand what 'fake media' means

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