‘My life as a modern day slave’ – BBC News Video News

An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery last year.
Mitos lived as a slave for three years. But a few months ago she escaped…

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37 thoughts on “‘My life as a modern day slave’ – BBC News Video News

  1. The system of housemaids in most Gulf countries is really abusive and must change. Here in Saudi Arabia to get yourself a housemaid you most pay around $6000 and above to only apply for a maid. That's why they treat maids here as a property. This shouldn't be happening. Maids don't have days off and if the house owner doesn't have anything to request the maid to do they actually send the maid to their parents or friends to work there!

    I'm not saying that to talk garbage about the style of living here, I want to raise awareness about this type of slavery. The system must be corrected and those maids must have their own private place to live and go to work at working hours like any other employee.

    I wish the best for them. It's so sad that although those housemaids know about how bad it is to work in the Gulf they still go
    because that's what they can do to support their families. I personally know a lot and a lot of single Philippino mothers whom their parents refused to support them to finish their school because they must go and work and support their child and they winded up working as housemaids when they wanted to be nurses.

    May Allah help you all, our hearts go for you. Not everyone here treat their housemaid like that and I hope one day this system will change.

  2. Some houseworker is treated so poorly, but some are treated as a family. I still remember when I was a kid my family have this housemaid who is Burmese. She used to teach me Burmese alphabets and words. While I help her with how to write in Thai.
    Those were the good old days……..

  3. Filipino are the best modern slaves in the world hardworking complain less accept cheap pay so please send more Filipino slaves abroad to make our lives better thank you Philippines…

  4. this sounds like me bc my bully treats me like this except if i say something or do something i get my bashed in or punched and the people that do this are older im a girl and this girl that treats like this makes my life hell so

    stay strong

  5. A lot of women from the poorer countries of South East Asia, not just PH, go through similar ordeals. I think a bigger percentage of domestic workers (read: maids) come from Indonesia, and boy oh boy do they get abused A LOT. Countries that take up these workers (Arab countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc) often have this normalised belief that it's okay to treat these workers like property or objects, no one would even bat an eye if an employer takes away a worker's phone or passport. Everyone think it's normal to control a maid's every movement or talk shit about them in their language right in front of their face because "these foreigners don't understand us, right? Lmaoooo" It's so sickening to see these people being reduced to sub-human just because they are domestic workers. And if you were to tell these cruel employers that it's slavery, they'll just say it isn't because "I pay them to work here, so they must follow what I say" 😔

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