Review 2015: The year in UK politics – BBC News Video News

From the Conservative victory in the general election, to Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment as Labour leader, Adam Fleming looks back at the big political events of the year.

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25 thoughts on “Review 2015: The year in UK politics – BBC News Video News

  1. This is what makes the warmonger unpopular:
    – Hillary is a Warmonger corporate puppet.
    – She defended a rapist and then laughed about the situation.
    – She was a Republican.
    – She was against same-sex marriage until 2013, when it became popular.
    – She help hide her husband's sex scandals.
    – She voted for the Iraq war and endorsed it in exchange for 20 billion dollars from his friend George W. Bush to "repair New York" after 9/11. Let's remember that George W. Bush did not take previous terrorist warnings seriously and that allowed 9/11 to occur.
    – Having learned from that mistake, she did it again in Libya.
    – She received money from countries like Saudi Arabia in exchange for weapons deals. Those weapons are currently being used against Yemen in an indiscriminate way. And let's remember who did 9/11 (the Saudis).
    – She voted for a disastrous bankruptcy bill that keeps many people in perpetual debt.
    – She supports Wall Street deregulation. She does not want to restore Glass Steagall, which would have prevented the 2008 crash.
    – Her position on gun control is irrational. She wants to make legal gun sellers accountable for what their clients do with legally purchased guns.
    – She supports disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA, TPP, Panama, etc.
    – She supported mass incarceration, and received money from the private prison industry.
    – She does not want marihuana to be legalized.
    – She participated in regime changes Central America.
    – Wall Street gave Hillary a total of 153 million dollars in paid speeches.
    – She, her Super PACs and her foundation received money from Big Oil, Private Prison, Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex , Monsanto, Wall Street, dictatorships, etc.
    – She wanted war with Iran, but Obama instead made a deal she now supposedly supports.

  2. Then, when the slimy Labour scum lost, all the regressive left wing idiots started crying and throwing theirs toys out of their prams and stamped their feet and went to their safe spaces because they were triggered and hit Facebook and Twitter de-friending everyone who didn't vote for crazy far left policy's.

  3. YOU IDIOTS your assisting the SAUDIS in the genocide of YEMEN. YOU bastards again in YEMEN. You were killing in Yemen in 1966-67 just before they threw you out. Now Again Behind the SAUDI VEIL. ASS WIPE FOR USA. SHAME UK.

  4. the uk archbishop as asked everyone to help the refugees so as the biggest land owner in the uk why does he not give some land to the refugees or is he just playing politics what a hypocrite

  5. The British government are child abusing terrorists that need to be taken out!
    2016 is the year the people of the UK, will overthrow the corrupt Tory government and bring back power to the people!

  6. bbc has got a fucking nerve, their biased reporting on jeremy corbyn , palastine, the non existing reporting on anything to do with the north of england , I feel like I live in another country when I watch bbc news,

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