The shipwrecked refugees marooned for twenty years on a British military base in Cyprus

Marooned on a British army base for nearly 20 years. The future of five families from Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria and Iraq – 10 adults and 17 children, recognised as refugees – will be decided by the UK’s most senior judges.

They were shipwrecked off the coast of Cyprus in 1998, rescued by the RAF, housed on a military base but repeatedly denied resettlement in Britain.

We have been to Cyprus to see how these families have survived two decades in limbo while both countries dispute which is ultimately responsible for them.

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23 thoughts on “The shipwrecked refugees marooned for twenty years on a British military base in Cyprus

  1. Everybody wants to come here land of milk and honey free dental care free nhs free housing free money and they have never paid jackshit in there is people homeless, penisoners struggling on a pittance how long before this island sinks syrians come here wonder how many are terroists just waiting to cause mayhem in this country people need to open there eyes

  2. The comments on this video come from evil human beings. They are coming from the race that has occupied Cyprus until 1959 (or maybe until today since there are British military bases in Cyprus) and has been taking advantage of all the natural wealth of Cyprus (like tones of gold.) Shame on all of you for writing all of these! But let me remind you that without exploiting them in the past, you wouldn't have had the economy that you have now.

  3. He an the rest of them can go back where they came from then cant they. They are not our fucking problem so knock it off channel4 with the sad music etc, doesn't work fella. England isn't the fucking dumping ground for the rest of the world.

  4. Unreal the stupidity here. Deportation and repatriation is the moral and logical thing. These people are unbelievable and so ungrateful and clearly possessing such a sense of entitlement in their attitudes. Go back from whence they came. Give them a cash payment for resettlement in their own country. PERIOD

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