Transhumanism: Could we live forever? BBC News Video News

The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Benjamin Zand goes on the search for immortality and meets the people who think we could live forever. This film is part of BBC’s ‘Intelligent Machines Week’

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45 thoughts on “Transhumanism: Could we live forever? BBC News Video News

  1. But, what if I feel dead inside already? Because of all the hurt and trauma I've endured? There are literally thousands if not millions of people that feel the same way I do. I'm practically a damn zombie and basically emotionless, completely numb anyways. Wouldn't it be better to focus on helping the already living 'live'? Instead of promoting immortality? We can't even cure basic problems of humanity (i.e. hunger,disease,famine,poverty etc..) And, you wanna try to defy death? Tsk tsk..This reminds me of those "defying" gravity theories. Cuz, that's just what it is, and that's all it ever will be. Not trying to be mean, or crush anyone's dream but c'mon. The odds of this happening is less than creating an actual 'Jurassic Park'..

  2. if you want to cry this is the opportunity, watching so called intelligent people saying if digital immortality happens I hope it takes place in my lifetime so I can take advantage of it. First of all which 'I' would that be? And what form of immortality are we talking about? The one that ends when you pull the plug? Long live the Butlerian Jihad!

  3. Then they could work on creating a new planet to live on, and a new universe to live in, with galaxies, and star clusters, and infinity. And someday someone will speculate on where it all came from, and they'll conclude that it came about by chance.

  4. Say, you can make a large storage of virtual consciousness. What if if one day a comet hit the earth, or the sun stops burning. Eventually everything ends.

    No avoidance of it.

  5. Outlawing aging sounds like outlawing reality. Transhumanism may be possible at some level but it will be completely different from being human. The connection between our brain and body is currently what makes us human. Would we still be human if our consciousness exists outside of our body?

  6. for those who aware about this! it is the mark of the beast! what? will not die forever? are you joking? same as satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden? that if she will eat the fruit she will not die? dont be deceived by this evil people! people need to wake up! watch the videos of NICHOLSON 1968..wake up people! they want all the people to be deceive!

  7. what do you think about humans finding immortality through technology?
    understand that God send rain over the bad and good,he dont just rain on the good people right? It is what God aloud or not. so if they do it why we are going to try to stop it if God didn't stop it? who we are? but because after Adam and Eve we all became mortal and we age and get old and die,Genesis 6:3 So the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days shall be 120years.Sometimes after he said that, man never pass the age of 120years, there is no record and never will for people to say that man can make a pill or some other thing to make humans not get old or live longer than what God said,it just shows that you don't really believe the word of God. I think it's possible for a cream,surgery or a medicine to prevent or to make you look younger or not age as much as the generation before us, i think its possible, but to last longer or to find immortality is like telling Jesus that he is either a liar or we don't need his salvation we can make our own.and that's denying the whole gospel and will make you a devil.and we all know were he is going.We always gonna have this little devils going around trying to cheat God or be like God or imitate him in someway like Lucifer who because of his pride wanted to be like God and of course evil men also gonna try to do that,i'm not i believe that this video is wrong because Christians real ones will not support that,we are born and we get old and then we die but whoever believe in Jesus Christ shall run and never get tired shall fly like eagles and shall live forever.

  8. Hah that's neat. Live stream your consciousness to a server. Then if your body is destroyed, you just get downloaded into a new shell. You could just dick around in a VR stimulation until it's your turn in the queue. I wonder how high the service fee will be.

  9. We are energy and energy is indestructible, it only changes form. When our physical body dies our energy/soul exits the body and reconnects with the universal consciousness. Transhumanism will trap our soul in this matrix. Transhumanism is a hunt for our souls, that the elite is promoting in order that we loose our connection with divinity and will be used to harness our energy for their sinister purposes. Humans wake up!!!!

  10. Who want to be happy all time? Without sadness then one cannot enjoy the fullness of being happy. Life is meaning less and boring if you get everything you want and be happy all the time.

  11. Mapping our minds into a digital state doesn’t seem like immortality for myself. I’m allowing a consciousness to take off and live forever from where I left off. It’s like making a copy of a file on a pen drive. It’s just a copy not the actual file. If mapping my mind does literally involve taking the me part of my mind and putting it into a computer maybe then I would consider myself immortal. But I still fear that the me that I feel I am would cease to have any experience, whilst the digital me would have experience and I’m not sure if I consider this continuity of consciousness to actually be the me that I know is me now.

  12. Experimentation, of the sort that is shown at 8:38, is called abuse, animal abuse in this case, and it is monstrous. Experiment on your own life and body, or on the life and body of volunteers, not on those who have no voice! Anyway "trans humanism," and "living forever" are definitely not the same thing…

  13. if we become immortal then we have to stop reproduction and if we stop reproduction then evolution will not happen still we die if there will be a drastic change in our environment. so it's a bad idea but working on healthy 100 or slightly more years than 100 without any illness and disabilities will be better for humans.

  14. All this geeks could be wrong because this can only be achieve if things remain as they are but if you look around our sick planet things are going to change drastically very soon because our planet is sick our planet is telling us we are doing many things wrong and we are not listening and that will have very dire and destructive consequences for our human race.

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