Turkish president Erdogan: Khashoggi murder ‘planned days in advance’ – BBC News Video News

The killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was planned days in advance, the Turkish president says, addressing MPs from his ruling party.
He said Turkey had strong evidence Khashoggi was killed in a premeditated and “savage” murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.
He also called for the suspects to be tried in Istanbul.
He demanded Saudi Arabia provide answers about where Khashoggi’s body was and who ordered the operation.
Mr Erdogan confirmed that 18 people had been arrested in the kingdom over the case. However, he has not released any details of the evidence gathered about the killing.
He made no mention of any audio or video recordings mentioned in media reports in the days following the journalist’s disappearance.

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38 thoughts on “Turkish president Erdogan: Khashoggi murder ‘planned days in advance’ – BBC News Video News

  1. Before Erdogan can realize his dreams of the revival of the Ottoman empire and his desire to "regain" Saudi Arabia and its oil, he and his people should account for the Armenian Genocide, the Kurdish Genocide and for the missing Greeks from Cyprus after their invasion in 1974. Erdogan and the Turks should be crushed or handed over to the Russians to manage.

  2. People of the world if you never believe in end times think again, God does exist religion provides the answer. The world is living in a dangerous time, just wait till this chips and 5g technology.

  3. This jamal kashogi knew too much info about the saudi future investment plan XXX which is to bring the devil back to life, no joke, this jamal was going to leak some info to Turkish so he had to go because so many people are behind this murder it's an international syndicate. This is part plan for the antichrist arrival preparation who will be trained in a mega city in saudi Arabia in the future. So this info is top secret and if Turkey needs to be shut down it will be shut down

  4. Its chrisytal clear the Khassoggi case was a trap for Turkey..
    I dont care whatever the world think about Erdogan, he is a great President and not a puppet for the western states…
    Thats why they call him as dictator..The western hypocrisy. They recognized a dictator in Egypt
    but not recognized officially elected president of Venezualla. I think we all know the reason…
    They couldnt find a puppet in Venezuela.. If there will be a coup in Venezuela, just know the western states are
    behind the curtains, just like the western states are behind the Khashoggi case..
    God bless Erdogan..

  5. People around the world should know that once student president museveni of uganda is dead or gone real ugandans are going to chase or kick out all foreigners and migrants hiding in uganda and Afrika

  6. Jamel Khashoggi's death is the golden opportunity for the free world to reveal the dark secrets of culture that are behind the ideology of Mohamed's legacy and his fashistics teach about absolute power, political murder, not to mention his retrograde morality and how he is responsible today for the disability of half the population. It's time for Muslims to ask a question: What has Islam given us as Arabs, Muslims or even human? The answer is dictatorship, terorism, ignorance and the list is long. Under the Khalifat's political system, chemistry, astronomy and a variety of scientific domains were banned to conquer theology, Imamer was declared holy and the Quran stone age knowledge was presented as science. We see results today. To all Muslims do not be fooled by those who claim that the Quran contains scientific miracles, they are well made and anyone who knows little about the established science can easily understand that it is the lie, propaganda and priest's (imam) last resort to save a Faith, a belief that keeps breathing its last breath for the ultimate implosion.

  7. Erdogan is arresting innocent people in Turkey whom he said planned the coup in 2016. Men, women, children are all imprisoned or have lost their jobs, business, land, and funds based on a lie. How can Erdogan be so forward about this killing when he is undoing so many lives of innocent people in his country? Shame on the world for ignoring what he has done there. Enough with this foolishness. Turn the investigation over and investigate Erdogan!

  8. Why Mr Trump did not take serious actions on Kashmir and Palestine Issuess ? The Whole world is sleeping ? On daily basis many people losts their lifes in Kashmir, Mr Trump these are not people ? These are not human ? The Whole world is silent but why and on Khashogi matter every country talking but on the other hand kashmiris and palestines are not people ?????

  9. Jamal is like Jesus of Nazareth, an Act of the God Head. Checks and balances. The Assassins, trapped Jamal, slaughtered him, and headed back to Arabia, with the head.. Spanner in the works, Erdogan, was bugging the Embassy…Bingo, one of the greatest strokes of luck, a million to one….He'll blow it..Keeping a billion people waiting an hour, to hear the naked truth, just to get the run down, on his week's activities. is off to a bad start. Something new, was the Saudi's casing the forest, the night before the murder. Nothing….Erdogan is asleep at the wheel..You snooze you lose…Trump has it covered. ''Whoever thought of it, is accountable'' . A few heads will roll in Saudi Arabia..End of…Other than Erdogan can expect the Kurds from the North fully armed with last years weapons, supplied by the House of Saud.

  10. Sholly may you rest in peace Kashoggi, why this is so surprised ive no clue what was on your mind Jamal. Turkish fiance and Saudi national. Turkey already under hardship put up by trump policies and the murder happened in Turkey. Trump wanted to take down 2 targets with just arrow but common, you are business man not politician. You need to step up your game trumpoo or leave politics. Thank God situation is calming down in Turkey and fuelling in Saudi. War steps are slowly slowly bring taken in short distances. I pray muslims realize the enemy, the friends of the enemy and the roots of the enemy before its too late. By enemy i mean the Evil forces of Shaytan.

  11. When a consulate building is prevented from a criminal search, who instructs this prevention? MBS is the defacto ruler of Saudi, hence he is responsible for this objection – this is clear evidence of his guilt and mastermind in this murder, fact!!!!

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