Why does UK view us as a threat? – British jihadist fighter | Channel 4 News

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Amer Deghahes, who is fighting in Syria with an al Qaeda- affiliated organisation, tells Channel 4 News he does not understand why the UK views British fighters as a threat. He refused to condemn a threat by the group to behead a Lebanese soldier.

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22 thoughts on “Why does UK view us as a threat? – British jihadist fighter | Channel 4 News

  1. Are they out derr heads why are they a threat to UK-dont let these terrorists back-swedens dumb as a post-anyone with a belief in Quran is a threat!
    I cant hear you sorry-he loves a good beheading!

  2. We need to rehabilitate these young men because they are basically on drugs and harming themselves and the people around them and this is the by product of ignorance and arrogance

  3. He’s not great at answering questions very directly, is he? It’s almost like a young Anjem Choudary rising through the ranks. Let’s hope he doesn’t die or anything whilst out there doing what he is doing. That would be terrible news.

  4. These Scums are walking Western Streets today. Keep your Eyes Open while in Public. All these govts need to figure out is where of their citizens have visited Turkey or Jordan ,those who have must be put through scrutiny.

  5. Swedish people do see returning jihadists as a threat, it is our politicians who rather than being marked with being racists let the jihadists back in to our country.
    For some reason the worst thing you can be called in sweden is racist.
    If you as much as say the slightest critic about migration in sweden, you for some reason are a racist.
    Racist in sweden isnt the same as racist anywhere else in the world.
    September 9th we have election here, and allot of people will be seen as racists, not believing that them selfes.

  6. I like how he says who judges war crimes when she asked about him and his friends but when it comes to Assad or any of his enemies as he puts it then he is at liberty to say they are committing war crimes. I used to believe these people were full of hate but now I think they are either brainwashed to indoctrination levels or they are sociopaths that will use anything to justify murder, robbery and rape in order to fill selfish needs and dark violent desires and just use religion as way to justify and would dream up anything else if religion wasn't there to justify it.

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