US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football? – BBC News Video News

The men’s team didn’t even qualify for the World Cup. But there’s still some hope for the sport…
Reporter: Marianna Brady

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40 thoughts on “US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football? – BBC News Video News

  1. When the US takes football seriously, likely a generation from now, they will win the World Cup. They have the resources, the population, and everything else required to compete w Germany, Brazil and Italy going forward

  2. Michael Townley : "Normal football" ? You seem to have forgotten football was a rough contact sport at its beginnings, designed to toughen its players, and that it has evolved into 2 main forms : Rugby football and association football. Which form of football is truer to the original football ?
    And American football is derived from rugby football. Thus its name. Since it is still a contact sport, isn't it a form of football ?
    Soccer should be re-named "sissy-ball", or "the sissy game". Wouldn't that be more fitting ?
    By the way, how can you say in public that you like a sissy sport ? Don't you have any pride ?

  3. I don't care if Americans hate football( real one). Here in Scotland, football dwells in everyone's heart. Infact, the football that Americans play is fake. Fiirstly because they are allowed to hold the balls in their hands, but it's FOOTball, not HANDball. Secondly, there's wrestling and it's a foul in normal football. Thirdly, it is boring, unlike English football becuz I can just see a guy throws the ball to another and all others jump onto the ball-bearer and the ref whistles, and the round is over. Even Rugby is more interesting than American 'Football'. English football is my life😘❤😍.

  4. Combined social media following (in M)
    C. Ronaldo – 345 FC Barcelona – 224 Dallas Cowboys – 21
    Neymar – 217 Real Madrid – 230 US Sucker – 12 (lol)

    Yep, Football defecates on both Handegg & Sucker.. Don't fight it, Murica, better get used to it

  5. We really don't give a shit if somebody is better at a game than us. We play games for the fun of it. We understand the former empires who dominated the planet and don't have much to brag about. When you guys point the finger at us care to guess which one we point back with?

  6. Why should Americans care? The majority of them don‘t like soccer, period. Deal with it! I‘m German and I prefer American Football, I don‘t like soccer. Not everybody has to like something just because many others do.

  7. First and foremost, the idea of faking an injury is the ultimate repulsive act in USA sport. This behavior by even world-class athletes in the World Cup has damaged soccer beyond repair and consideration for all except for the intelligentsia. And that's a very small portion of the sporting public.

  8. Another thing is that Americans play football with their HANDS, why the hell is it called football if they use hands. Are the Americans too dumb to think of a name for American football. Why didn’t u call American football soccer and left soccer to have its proper name, FOOTBALL!

  9. football/soccer is popular here because it's steeped in English culture and is as much about obsessive tribalism as it is about sport. However if you sit and watch a game most of them can seem boring. 9 times out of 10 teams cancel each other out. Very few games are open with multiple chances

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