Jeremy Corbyn reveals Labour’s Brexit plan

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers a speech in Wakefield to announce his party’s stance on Brexit amid further debate in the House of Commons on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. (Subscribe:


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48 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn reveals Labour’s Brexit plan

  1. "DEMOCRATIC"…nether the CONS or Labour know want a Democracy is, the people voted for BREXIT and are you lot going to implement it? NO….all you lot want is deals deals deals, we did not vote for deals on brexit, HIT THE RESET BUTTON and leave the EU and then start to make deals with countries that want to deal with us. If there is a general election, i would vote for UKIP, they cannot do a worse job than the other parties.

  2. Soooo… their brexit plan is: “we will get a better deal from Europe in a lot less time than the last guys after we have won a vote in the House of Commons where we currently have no majority and then again after a successful general election”, which will hopefully grant us a mandate for which European leaders won’t care much” somehow, the delusion seems fascinating. To me, a German, it is astounding just how confident the British politicians are in regards to the leeway they are going to get from the European Union. It is not in the interest of the union to make this easy, you can find that despicable or whatever, but it is a fact in my opinion. And labour seems to have the same problem: they want to eat the pie without paying for it in any way. That is at least the impression I’m getting from this press conference.
    I have to say, from a distance, this whole mess looks like a clusterfuck and reality hasn’t really seeped into the various political calculations of British politicians over the last two years.

  3. The sooner Corbyn leaves Labour the better it is . The only reason why the Tories are playing roulette with the country is Corbyn . He is not a leader but a chancer that simply wants to get in power.

  4. He didn’t reveal any actual plan. Just a load of vague promises and some waffle about an election. Same old politicians, different coloured ties! Swap him and his shadow cabinet for some sensible politicians and an election might actually be a viable option, if theres enough time left of course. Corybn has been as much a problem during these badly handled Brexit years as the Tories. It would be beneficial to the British public for at least one political party to get its act together. I know, I know; I’m being unrealistic. I’ll check my optimism at the door next time. Promise.

  5. I hate the Tories, but think Labour are even worse. Neither party wants to help families with 2 working parents.
    Conservative = for the wealthy
    Labour = for the lazy and immigrants

  6. This man is a nut job feeding on the fears of people by offering false hopes, talks about taxing the wealthy then says he will make high payed hi-tech jobs is this not a total contradiction of what he is saying? Hopefully when he gets off that fence he’s currently sitting on it will be a long and hard fall!

  7. I honestly believe at this point in time that the answer that the people of Britain need is to throw party politics out the window and have a cross party consensus on what would work for a majority of MPs. I like Jeremy Corbyn but this is the worst time for a general election wasting time which should be spent on brexit preparations

  8. 2 1/2 years later!!!

    He is still repeating the same lie as May, Boris and the other Brexit politicians.

    That the UK can have its cake and eat it.

    We cannot have the same access as EU members to the Single Market as we have now, without Freedom of Movement!

    There is NO TIME for another negotiation on the withdrawal agreement.

    We are legally leaving on the 29 March!!! Which he voted for, the notification of Art 50!

    He is either ignorant about the legal process of withdrawal agreement or playing the Bannon playbook of just lie and don't go into the details. Which is scary.

    He is just as bad as Theresa May..

    The calibre of our current politicians in leadership is horrifyingly inadequate.

  9. At last British politician admits the fact that problems of Britain are caused by the internal politics of Britain, not the EU.
    The facts have pointed to this all the time while for the past 40 years British politicians have been blaming EU for their own shortcomings.

  10. Britain needs a governent that takes care of its own people in need first .not prioritise refugees or economic migrants to look human and Angel like .first guy who realises that will get the votes of the masses .homeless English people living on our streets in the worlds 6th biggest economy is evil at its best .shame on governments that allow this to happen in our once great nation .revolution is knocking on the doors of Europe and they refuse to see it .but the peasants revolt of 1381 is going to come again the people will unite and the streets will see the anger of the common man in full flow very soon it happens very quickly and some get a shock and are surprised .but the blind never see the obvious .europe is not the issue as Europe won't be there to remain or leave in the near future .it has failed and is bankrupt already .

  11. This man does not like the UK, he wishes to destroy it.Power hungry marxist who will destroy any incentive to work in the country with fanciful and exorbitant benefit schemes

  12. The 2 main parties control continues. 10ish years of useless government "leadership" from 1 of the main parties, only to trigger a massive electoral swing to the other main party resulting in a further 10ish of useless "government leadership". Oh when will this cycle end….

  13. So under Corbyn government we are as good as in the EU, have open borders, allow p!ss takers in, prices through the roof and a repeat of the 1970's labour era …. why can't we just leave the EU, carve our own road, not align ourselves to any 'standards' but our own as defined and protected by our democracy, the EU is vested interests not a force against them …. but saying all that – the other choice is staying in the EU view may's deal … so once again the people see a pro EU political lockout which is what we voted against – we vote for Jeremy we stay in the EU in all but name, we vote for the tories – we stay in the EU in all but name …. the only difference is Jezza is going to call everyone in the world a 'refugee' …. I wish we had a genuinely Pro GB party ….

  14. Labour dont want to leave the EU they will leave this country in a bigger mess than we're in now.Labour no longer represent the working class.Jeremy Corbin will open our borders to the third world just like Merkel has in germany he doesn't care about workers or poverty we shouldn't even be thinking about foreign refugees when we have so many homeless people of our own who are dying on the streets.Labour want people to stay poor because poor people will always vote labour as do most immigrants once they are allowed to vote.

  15. He was doing well until he mentioned that idiot Diane Abbott! He needs to get rid of her because she boils my blood. Also what is going on with that guys hair in the background. Did someone give him a fright?

  16. We need a general election alright, UKIP is the only party that has the guts to sort this country out, not the two main parties that just take it in turns so dont care how much they mess up and are scared of doing anything against political correctness even when it is obviously what is truly needed.

  17. It’s not achievable!!! . An election at the moment changes nothing, and u don’t have the time for a election, not enough for a referendum, no majority in the own party for anything, same as conservatives. And he like the extreme brexiters make promises about what the EU will give them, without a reality check, or any truth to it.
    There is no deal agreed on by the EU (it’s just a withdrawal), and even IF the EU gives u time for a vote is only possible for 90 more days (Eu election), that again would change nothing. But they are not going to tell u, that doesn’t sell newspapers

  18. Isn't it a little bit too late, Jerry?
    You should have campaigned 2 years ago as the party of No-Brexit, but you didn't.
    Now the options are May's deal, No deal or No Brexit. Which one you want?
    Oh, sorry, you still don't want to come clean with it, you are still afraid of losing consensus, so let's just be vague 'till the end.

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