Brexit debate: What young people really think | #Brexit

These people were just too young to vote in the referendum – so how do they think Brexit is going? #BrexitInbetweeners #78DaysToBrexit



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37 thoughts on “Brexit debate: What young people really think | #Brexit

  1. After two years of negotiations, the reasonable thing to do now that a deal has been reached is to show the actual terms of what the government managed to secure to the people, contrast that with what our current deal provides us with and allow the people to have a say, to make an informed decision. its not at all about who voted and who didn't. that result of that vote has already been delivered. its about the fact that we now know what brexit actually looks like, its not just an abstract concept anymore. not being allowed a final say would be like paying for your groceries before going inside a store, picking stuff up while blindfolded and being stuck with that same thing forever. brexit without a final say would mean that a non legally binding opinion poll, with a razor thin margin, obtained through lies and breaking the law, has been allowed to be taken to its an extreme interpretation in the name of a will of the people no one actually bothered to check what it really is.

  2. In good Will hunting Will destroys an educated harvard history grad for mocking his friend. He dismantles him for regurgitating passages from historians. What we see here and in similar pseudo intellectual, ego clashing political discussions is similar to that scene. Also some of the claims made by fellow students are probably based on little to no data. And if it is nobody once mentioned that we must be cautious with our claims. Everyone spews out bold claims as if its truth.

  3. No offence to anyone in that room. But the benefit of being older is we can map our wisdom. You get wiser with age. I believed I was politically "switched on" when I was 18. I now realise I missed a lot and voted to save the dent in my pocket without considering other important factors.
    100% of our electorate should believe that ANY situation can be delivered. If NO DEAL is inevitable yet un-manageable by any of the current Members of Parliament then the solution is clear. Get better Politicians who are capable of performing WHATEVER the instruction is. The UK has been through worse. Leaving the EU is not the end of the World. If any Politician believes life stops after Independence then they need to be brushed aside. They are un-qualified for the new requirement of their positions.
    The Scottish. Who voted to remain should take note of what is going on. If they were to ever vote in favour of Independence from the UK. What would happen? I believe Westminster would move the goal posts to get what they want and not the Scottish people.
    My feelings on European Union. The current one is unacceptable. Smash it up (peacefully) and start again building from the bottom up.

  4. I'm so bored of listening to Femi spouting his propaganda.We didn't vote for how things are going at the moment, but we did vote to leave.We wanted to leave when we voted, we still want to leave now.Had our government backed the decision voted for by the public, there wouldn't be any Brexit debates now as we would be on track and getting on with it.

  5. That is absolutely disgraceful behaviour by Channel 4 and Jon Snow. Just watch this video from the start and see how many of these 18 year olds say they want to leave compared to stay it is like about 80% leave 20% stay but Jon Snow has turned it round to say 87% wanted to stay what sort of Man is he to live through his teeth and tell lies and this is a blatant lie. I used to think Jon Snow was one of the best news readers but my opinion of a man is he's a blatant liar I will never be watching Channel 4 again to be listening to his pathetic lies.

  6. Dehumanizing the yellow jackets as Tommy Robinson supporters ha. From what I've been seeing online, this coming weekend people in their 50/60's who have never protested anything before, are donning yellow jackets. Not thugs, just angry patriots.

  7. If anything, this revealed how few people are passionate about remaining. Leavers have something to really fight for which is probably why they're the only voices heard.

  8. Brexit is and will be the biggest mistake… Young people saying that they won't to leave the EU and at the same time won't to be united.. Doesn't make sense when there in fact are saying that they won't to leave the 27 country of the EU… This young people are living a pure fantasy one that will cost the people of Britain gobs and a crash in the economy.. Today was reported 4500 lost and this will continue… Britain had bean in the EU for 44 years making Britain the 5th largest economy in the world and now they think that they can go alone!… There should never had bean a referendum.. Decisions like brexit so be made in parlamente not to the general people… Biggest mistake of all times… Brexit should simply be craped… I know longer live in UK I am amaised how politicians are treating Brexit for ther gain… There will never be a better deal that the current deal… That they have bean part ok the EU… However should you leave on the 29 of March I wish you all the best and that my predictions are all wrong… Brexit nothing more than fantasy…

  9. these young people who are remainers just dont get it. They say people like mogg dont want a second referendum because they are scared of it.. they are wrong, People like mogg and even Corbyn understand the massive political backlash and damage it will do to our sense of what our votes mean when we do vote for stuff. Make us vote again in a second referendum and it will open up the Pandora box that might change our political outlook forever…. I believe that leave will win a second referendum with even a bigger margin, mainly because people will be so angry of the disrespect shown to them and what importance their votes should mean, . Time and again ive heard people say in such a circumstance that they will never vote again, ever…..I remember when leave won, everyone on TV was saying, this was a massive wake up call for politicians and government because it seems the message really was, they dont care about what people want anymore, they never listen and its all about them, the elite and we have had enough… And what have they done… proved everyone right. We have to leave on principle and protection of our democracy. If we dont, it will destroy any trust people have in our political system and politicians, which is already at an all time low. Never mind about being scared of a no deal Brexit, what people should be really scared of, is no Brexit at all, leaving millions of people feeling disenfranchised and invisible and what that will do to our sense of democracy or lack thereof

  10. The question was actually, Do you wish to leave the European Union?…… end of question. All other conversation happens after the Gov't has implemented the wishes of the referendum majority voters.

  11. This is a poor quality of debate. Was expecting a little more from the younger voters. Shows just how difficult it is for people to get hold of good quality impartial information around Brexit.

  12. 17:45 – "It does seem rather strange that a representative democracy which elects people to make hard decisions about very difficult issues needs to resort to a people's vote in order to find out what they think."

    And yet, that's exactly what he and the rest of the MSM have been gunning for for the last 2 years. Cocksucker.

  13. Wow, I'm shocked at the levels of ignorance among these young people. Too much emotion, and a lack of understanding of reality (do they think they can strike up new trade deals quickly?!) British politicians and media must be held accountable too for so much misinformation and propaganda.

  14. Europeans are sticking to their wits of NO Brexits, but the reality is that EU already announced their strategy of contingency plans on Brexit before the UK does, meaning, EU will not accept any deal from the UK. A big mistake, as the remainers in UK had felt betrayed, and now they are quiet and having a doubt about remaining in EU by virtue of betrayal – that's a very painful thought for people who held on to their loyalty to EU. Brexit will happen, if not, those Brexiteers will trample the street until forever. You cannot insult a nation by saying that they are ignorant about what they voted for, that's a recipe leading to a mob rule. As the Brexiteer in this panel (check the clip below) had said that all who voted for Brexit are well aware on the consequences of Brexit due to 'Project Fear' thrown into the debate leading to the 2016 referendum.

    The argument that the people who voted for Brexit are ignorant into the outcome of Brexit is a pure fallacy, another tactic pitching by the 'elite' (rich people) in their last ditch in reversing the 'people's vote'. The truth is that, by going to another referendum, the establishment will kill the sovereign will of the people held during the first referendum, and this will resonate throughout society around the world, and human civilization will reverse its development backward. A referendum is "vox populi vox dei" – the voice of the people is the voice of God, the very principle of suffrage. Dismantle that sense of sovereignty, and you dismantle humanity.

    The deal can happen after Brexit, as EU Parliament does not want any deal due to repercussion within EU. Most of them are afraid of EU break-up that they had built for years if Brexit happens, but UK Parliament do not realize this, they are focused internally that they fail to see the position of EU, about the outcome of EU’s break-up if UK leaves. In this context, negotiation will not be appropriate as the EU side will be influenced and bias on their negotiation because of their unwillingness to let go of one of their pillar member-country which is the UK. The best interest negotiation for the UK will not be achieved while political Brexit is still on top of the issue. Let the UK leave, then proper leverage, discussion, and debate will emerge in negotiation for the good of both sides after Brexit.

  15. Fucking fantastic to see so many young people able to think for themselves. Their left liberal teachers must be furious. What is main concern of young? Probably that they can't afford to get on housing ladder. Why can't they? Mainly because free movement has seen population increase by 300k every year. That's a city bigger than Cardiff every fucking year. You can't build the houses quick enough in a tiny island and so house prices become unaffordable and rents go up too.

    If the EU is so fucking wonderful please explain the massive youth unemployment in countries on the Euro. The young would do well to see how bad the youth have it in countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. If there is another referendum and they vote to remain in EU they deserve all that's coming to them.

  16. With all respect to those youth, why they are so sure what they are claiming? Why they are so ensured that NHS won't become profit organisation to rip off the people like in the States once UK is out of EU? Why they are so sure that there will be fair regulations over for example food product pesticidation, normatives over hormone amounts in the meats and business wont bribe politicians for new better regulations just to make more profits while in the EU all those things are regulated from Brussels, where you can't bribe people so easily and the mechanism is much more efficient. Nobody even mention that now instead of bringing goods from the EU and getting them from somewhere further it will be taking more fuels to transport which will be in general increasing CO2 emissions and increasing global warming. It seems that for youth things are pretty straight forward without even thinking why there are such in chaos in first place. Brexit is so opposed, because people know that it may become an open gateway for politicians and corporations dealing unfairly with people. Big investment banks are leaving UK and moving to EU, not just because there is short time crises in the parliament which will end after sorting Brexit, it's because stability might never be restored after Brexit.

  17. Maybe there is some chaos now but that does't mean that it will be after leaving EU. After all, these young people have enough life experience to predict the consequences in such an obvious and transparent matter as brexit. And it's great that you do not bother with northern Ireland. You kids go and have a fun future🏴

  18. Somehow people believe that leaving the EU would allow the country to sign better trade deals with the rest of the world, but at the same time WTO terms are more than enough to trade freely. Additionally, the rest of the world knows that the UK desperately needs to sign new trade deals, and that leaves the country in a very weak position.

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