Man guilty of plot to behead British soldier | Channel 4 News

Brusthom Ziamani idolised the killers of the British soldier Lee Rigby, and was found by police carrying a 12-inch knife, a hammer and an Islamist flag in his rucksack. A jury at the Old Bailey today found him guilty of preparing acts of terrorism.

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10 thoughts on “Man guilty of plot to behead British soldier | Channel 4 News

  1. This is mainstream islam not islamist, there is no such thing as an islamist there are muslims (those who submit) and kuffar (those who don't). It's that simple channel 4 and all other media outlets and politician's. You are not doing us or yourselves any favours by lying to us.

  2. Only slightly less annoying that the Islamo-Fascists is the Enlightened Multi-Culteral Politically Correct British Socialist. Just a thought here chaps, maybe your effort to de-radicalize Ziamani failed because it's so politically correct it can't mention Islam. FYI, there are no arguments against violence found in the Qu'ran. You make up ** to de-radicalize people because that's all you can do. And what do the radicals do? They laugh at your utter and total detachment from reality.

    Reality is exactly THE OPPOSITE of what you turds think. Moderate Muslims are the radicals who are practicing something other than Islam. The radicals are just following the Qu'ran to the letter. 🙂

  3. When will people understand its NOT a warped version of Islam it IS the original version propagated by their original cult leader Mo. Channel 4 is such bunch of stupid lefties as is the British government and security services.

  4. There is no problem with British Islam, There is no problem with British Islam, there is no problem with British Islam. What you disagree? Don't be so Islamophobic? That's just gross and racist.

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