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Video shows the moment earthquake hit Nepal. More than 800 people are believed to have died in a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal, wrecking many historic buildings. The quake measured 7.9 and struck an area between the capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara, the US Geological Survey said.
Danny Savage reports.

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31 thoughts on “Moment Nepal earthquake hit – BBC News Video News

  1. For twisted idiots who have bought religion into this need to take a good hard look at devastation world wide and the most recent texas and Mexico. We are one big family living under one big roof and we are sitting in a house that's prone to disasters. It's a part of natures call back

  2. Me & my friend are skydiving for ActionAid charity to help the people in Nepal.
    Any donations would be appreciated.
    The just giving page to donate is below, or if you live in the UK text GOBO50 with the amount you want to donate to 70070. e.g. GOBO50 £5 to 70070.

    Thanks, also don't forget to like this comment!


  4. Free Tibet from Chinese cruelty.

    Nepalese police and military officials should stop sending Tibetan who en route to India for better life, back to Chinese.

    Nepalese police and military have killed many innocent Tibetan.

  5. im looking at the relief going to Nepal and its good hundreds of thousands in need
    but in so called great Britain over a million people have qued in food banks
    in any other country we would call that a catastrophe
    not here Cameron and his cronies thinks that's ok
    those who support the conservatives should hang their heads in shame…
    you can not be a conservative and a Christian
    its one or the other or your fooling yourself
    its greed or justice
    See More

  6. This is NOT the time to donate 'Money'…..There are enough food and shelter for the victims from the locals. The help they need is Rescue first. Some countries boost about giving million dollars/pounds…(which will pretty sure be plundered by the corrupted Government).

    So, If the other countries really want to help, Why don't they built proper roads, buildings with the good community development projects in various places (esp. in the places where Earthquake didn't occur) AFTER 1 or 2 months.

  7. The last thing that we Nepali need is the fake help of india. They are in Nepal only to get their people out of Nepal. Their media talks like without them we would be dead. Indians are showing help just to show the world that they care about Nepal but in reality they are doing everything they can to take over Nepal. They are using our pain as an advantage to do the spying work.

  8. They better pray that the Clintons don't get involved in the charity work for reconstruction. They'll do the same thing they did with Haiti and funnel all the cash, contributions, and whatever few resources and riches the country has right into Hillary's pocketbook. ROFL

  9. The long term negative impacts natural disasters will have on Third World countries is not quantifiable. The loss of life is tragic and heartbreaking but realizing that this country will be forced to borrow money to help pay for the cleanup/rebuilding from basically a loan shark like the world bank for example is just as sad.  Repayment of these debts will go further to bankrupt their country and create starvation and disease for many future generations.  It's just a vicious cycle that handcuffs these least developed countries ability to improve their situation.  

    The problems of the world can really get you down when you consider religious fanatics, LDC's, income inequality, and race relations to name a few.  Hopefully someday we learn to treat one another better but it won't happen in our lifetime.  If you want to gauge how sick our society is, read a youtube comment section.

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