My son was an IS fighter, now I’m trying to save his children – BBC News Video News

While the Islamic State group appears close to defeat in Syria, hundreds of relatives of IS fighters are stuck in Kurdish-run refugee camps in the country.

They number around 1,500 mainly women and children, but their own governments are refusing to repatriate them.

Their fate remains especially unclear since President Trumpโ€™s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, which many Kurds fear will lead to an attack by Turkish troops.

BBC Arabicโ€™s Feras Kilani visited Roj camp in northern Syria, where many of these relatives are being held.

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50 thoughts on “My son was an IS fighter, now I’m trying to save his children – BBC News Video News

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  2. there's only one way to save your children, Christ Jesus, except him as your savior today, believe on his holy name n be saved thy n thy household, but they worship false gods that cannot feed them or protect him, I pray Jesus opens there eyes in Jesus name, unless anyone confesses Jesus name they should not be allowed in our country, Beware the Antichrist comes before Jesus

  3. USA and Britain destroyed Iraq and allowed it to be a breeding ground for terrorists… The West is majorly responsible for ISIS. For creating terrorists who may never have been terrorists or fighters if Iraq was never invaded.

  4. The Muslim communities that have produced the infamous ISIS culture still survives in the middle east. The entire world has been touched one way or the other. The ISIS fighters began with their parents infecting the young from birth with Islamic teachings and the path dictated by Allah. Just as these Muslims in this very short video will continue in their parents footsteps and produce more terrorists. The religion and culture remains as one, and has produced terrorists for centuries. Good luck with that.

  5. These people canโ€™t be helped they must help themselves. Democracy wonโ€™t work in these countries they only know Dictatorships they live n die by religious beliefs or persecution.

  6. He stopped being an IS fighter when Obama got his arse kicked by Putin in Syria. Them Obama lost his job and stopped sending the money……….and the Trump joined forces with Russia and got rid of the scum !!

  7. The level of ignorance, hypecracy and lack of sympathy is honestly inspiring at to a degree. No shit dumb fucks, the BBC isn't asking you to have sympathy for the dead IS fighter. It's like you guys want to just hate so much you are willing to pull a bird box challange with logic and information by completely ignoring the message or story. A innocent family consisting of a 8 year old the oldest at the time and other childern was force to move to another country so that their crazy dad can fight for the IS state. Their grandmother went to get them and now she needs help getting them back to their country. It's simple as that. Just like many other comment on here has mentioned the action of one man or women shouldn't be the reflection of so many, especially when they are acting of their own self interest.

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