Skiers rescued in dramatic helicopter manoeuvre – BBC News Video News

Footage has emerged of the heart-stopping helicopter rescue of a group of skiers from the Pass of Anterne in the French Alps.

One of the skiers was struggling with a knee injury, and was able to call for help using a mobile phone.

The pilot said the rescuers chose to perform the manoeuvre, known as a “skate support”, because of the weather conditions during the incident, which took place on 2 January.

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36 thoughts on “Skiers rescued in dramatic helicopter manoeuvre – BBC News Video News

  1. I know absolutely nothing about flying a helicopter… but I can tell you that this is one seriously skilful and very dangerous manoeuvre! Hats off to the pilot and his nerves of steel.

  2. russia today R.T. REPORTED THIS FIRST youre late to the party or you just saw it on rt and seen there views and thought ooh can we get some views too EER NO YOU SUCK RT ARE A REAL NEWS NETWORK LOL

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  4. Ok So what was the Question again ….? Rich people and Slaves get leg injuries during expensive skying trips and Robo chopper gets to chew the Cud because he’s an awesome Guy Right ? But nobody asks the right questions , for example is this old stock footage ? How can a shoe print from modern history be fossilised in a shorttt period? Finally , the rotation of them blades matches the colour of your shoes ….now why is that ? ……keep laughing at the Moon but pay attention to the Sun folks

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