The front door that parcel thieves hate – BBC News Video News

An expanding door that locks away small parcels and calls the police if larger ones are stolen is on show at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas.

Its developers suggest the innovation is more secure than Amazon’s own solution to the problem of parcel thieves.

It looks a bit clunky, but Chris Fox tried out the invention to see if it worked in practice.

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31 thoughts on “The front door that parcel thieves hate – BBC News Video News

  1. Two main problems here…
    1 – Even for those who want this door it will almost certainly be priced well beyond most peoples' pocket.
    2 – Point one is academic – no-one will want it. Certainly never in sufficient numbers for deliverers to be interested.

  2. Only way this works is if the delivery company is required to comply. I can see my UPS guy from my security camera. He walks up to the front porch and slides the box across the deck near the door and is gone all within a couple seconds. Can't even be bothered to take two steps up and ring the bell. They are about speed; not waiting for go go gadget doors to open. Total FAIL!

  3. 1. Fire safety?
    2. Weather ?
    I think this would be a great idea, to put this by the entrance gate, in the service house. It is a smart invention and a reminder of the times we live in.

  4. When ur inside the house, you pick the package up yourself. This is only useful when u are away. Then you came home with the door full of package, and you can't open the door anymore because it's full. Great invention! Meh…

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