The view from inside Gaza as Israel increases attacks | Channel 4 News

It has been the fiercest bombardment of this 3 week conflict: scores of Palestinians killed as Israeli forces pounded targets across Gaza from the air, from land and from sea. Paul Mason reports.

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35 thoughts on “The view from inside Gaza as Israel increases attacks | Channel 4 News

  1. Israel thins they are going to destroy Hamas, you never fight violance with violence, more Palestinian deaths only creates more anger from the Palestinian part , and more Palestinians will join Hamas  !

  2. I have never supported Isreal but Isreal has every right to defend itself and do what it deems fit within the guidlines of the Geneva convention. circumstances. HAMAS is indeed a terrorist group with its own agenda. They do not care about theire people and palistinians seems to relish the idea … maybe they have given up and allowed themselves to be used by Hamas. What a shame all in the name of religeous beliefs that they as a people allow the woman and children to be used this way.

  3. little children are working for hamas ? so you all saying that israel defending it self , i think all of you got brain washed and you don't have feelings anymore. ya3tikom 3asba min tounes 😉

  4. Israel needs to defeat Hamas without killing innocent people. The Israeli's need to figure a way out or they will lose the battle of public opinion.

  5. The people of Gaza elected Hamas.
    Hamas used Gazas money to throw rockets and build tunnels to kill Israeli women and children.
    Don't cry like pussies on YouTube when Israel defends itself.
    Fuck Gaza and Hamas it's Jews defending themselves against violent intolerant muslims.
    The same kind of violent intolerant muslims killing muslims in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia etc.

  6. Paul Mason, thank you and big thanks to Jon Snow as well. You've had the courage to show things how they are, not how Israel, the U.K., the U.S. want us to believe they are. Let's hope that people in the U.S. will start objecting to the $3 billion in aid we send to Israel so that we can participate in this apartheid. 

  7. Hate someone?  Hate Hamas: they are putting Palestinians in danger for their propaganda purposes and are using tunnels to attack innocent Israeli families. Gaza is ancient Israeli property- the Gazans have been squatters since Roman days but dont let the truth skew your thinking lol

  8. "Not forget, not forgive" is the motto of Anonymous, the Black Pope and the Satanic Jesuits.  The Black Pope, Jesuit General is behind all the terrorism worldwide and is funded by the Unholy Catholic church.  Want to stop the fighting-bomb the Vatican with both Popes and their Jesuit army inside it!

  9. Israel drops flyers . If people run fast enough then they "only" lose their home If a middle misfires then "oopsie". If the World doesn't accept the term "human targets" for the civilian and "terrorist" for the Paestine gov't then they're antisemitic.
    That's basically the deal.
    And this U.S. supports them. Fund them. Fox news cheers them ion and last night actually had a guest on Hannity saying people of Gaza need to be exterminated.
    These are war crimes.

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