Tulip Siddiq: Detained barrister’s family, appealing for MP’s help, claim Bangladesh intimidation

New developments on our story from last night about the Labour MP Tulip Siddiq and allegations that she is ignoring the plight of a Bangladeshi Barrister despite the fact her aunt is the Prime Minister there.

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22 thoughts on “Tulip Siddiq: Detained barrister’s family, appealing for MP’s help, claim Bangladesh intimidation

  1. হায়রে আমাদের bangladeshi হাছিনা খানকি মাগি তুর যনন বিদেশীরা আমাদের কে বলে সুন মাগী।

  2. Tulip must not be given nomination by Labour Party in the next general election.She is worried about her constituent an Iranian British lady's treatment in Iran by Iranian regime but shows different attitude to British journalist when asked about the non stop human rights violation performed by her aunt in Bangladesh.If she asks Trump to be banned from coming in to UK then her own Aunt Sheikh Hasina PM of Bangladesh should be banned too for human rights violation and being undemocratic.

  3. Her aunt is a brutal dictator in Bangladesh as was her grandfather Mujib. Tulip is heavily involved in this family business and on many occasions travelled with her aunt on state visits. She should be expelled from the Labour party with immediate effect.

  4. Keep on reporting C4 news. The naive politicians of this country need to wake up! There's no such thing as 'human rights' in Bangladesh. Miss Tulips aunt, rules the country with an iron fist, anyone who gets in her way; disappears!

  5. Such a shame coming out of a family/blood of Sheikh M. Rahman who fought for Bangladeshi liberation now this woman claims she is not Bangladeshi. She should be stoned!!!! I am from Canada "Bangladeshi Canadian" but I didnt forget my roots. If she is not Bangladeshi why is she helping the PM of Bangladesh for? Whats her interest here? Why is she even in the UK in the first place???

  6. All These Leaders are Rejects from the 2 main political parties in Bangladesh, Kamal Hussain (a reject from the AL for his dodgy dealings with Petrol Dollar Contracts with the House of Sauds and his prior knowing of the assassination plot of Mujib)Kamal Hussain photo is the 2nd photo on this article, he just so happens to be David Bergman's Father in law, Kamal Hussain formed a party of his own, "Gano Forum" that happened after he was rejected from the Awami League, His Party (with a minority of vote banks) is one of the 20 Party Alliance with the BNP Jamaats, oh by the way David Bergman and Kamal Hussains Family like his Misses who just so happens to be an editor of a Bangla Magazine in Bangladesh, and His Adopted Daughter "Sarah Hussain" is a so-called human rights lawyer (liar) who happens to be married to David Bergman, David Bergman is one of he Interviewees That the ISIS Channel 4 interviewed against Tulip, The other One was the Chief of amNasty, he just so happens to be a friend of Irene Khan the Dodgy Ex Director of amNasty (Amnesty International based in the UK) who was Sacked Opps forced to resign coz of her dodgy reports, Irene Khan just happens to be the Paternal Cousin of Zubaidur Khan (now Zubaidur Rahman) who is Married (2nd wife) the Chairman of the BNP Terrorist Theiving Tariq Rahman, who has been residing in the UK for the last 9 years breeding more and more terrorist outfits with his war criminal friend who has been knighted by the queen of england for his Fatwa against Salman Rushdi, and for breeding more and more terrorist outfits in the UK with his Jamaat E Islamist friends like Ajmal Masroor and Dilly Hussains of the UK, (and we all know Ajmal is an old friend of Channel 4, since it was Channel 4 that made him famous through his "Make me a Muslim" Documentary !
    Hence the latest Smear Campaign against the Secular Political Body Tulip Sidiq, who just so happens to be the Niece of Secular Leader of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, Now these ISIS breeding bodies in the UK Are trying to get Hasina to release their ISIS Terrorist Breeders like Mir Quaseem to breed more and more ISIS terrorist like them, through Tulip in the UK !
    Oh and Irene Khan also was the ex Editor of TDS (The Daily Star) a Bangla Newspaper for the Rich Wealthy Middle Classes who can read English, infact one of the First Bangla Newspaper that was written in English, They were born when the BNP Jamaat Alliance was in Power, and Mufuz Annam is now the Eidtor of TDS who just so happens to be the friend of Irene Khan (cousin of BNP Jamaats Zubaidur Rahman who is Married to the Chairman of BNP Terrorist Thieving Tariq Rahman that has been hiding in the UK breeding more and more of his ISIS Terrorist friends for the last 9 years).

    Anyway enough of the Right Wing Fascist Political Empire of the BNP Jamaat Alliance in the UK !

    The first guy in the Picture Budduza is also a reject from the BNP cult, and the other 2 are also both rejects from the BNP cult as well, latter, Just like Kamal Hussain, these 3 individuals formed Individual Parties of their own (with minority voters) and off course latter (like snakes) they joined the 20 party alliance of the BNP Jamaats, now they seem to be moving away (which I think is load of Bullshit, since these individual parties have the minority vote banks of the nation, all have conflict of interests with one another), and forming a new party i.e the Minus 2 Formula (the ideology was formulated and implemented by Mufuz Annam of the TDS) before the CTG government,therefore implemented during the CTG government, Minus two Formula means getting rid of the Two Major Political Parties in Bangladesh which is the Right Wing BNP and Left Wing Awami League, Why do You think the 2 leaders of these Political Parties were put in Jail during the CTG government led by the Military ?

    It seems like these Rebels of The Two Major Political Parties are trying to form a 3rd Party to get rid of the 2 Major Political Party in Bangladesh, since they have the minority vote banks, the end result these snakes will switch back to their 20 party alliance BNP and Jamaats again !

    Oh here's One for You guys to think about !

    The Political Psychology of these Jamaat E Islamist ISIS Snakes are like this, when their Political Ideologies are Rejected by the Masses, they go underground and start formulating parties of their own, like in the case of the UK, Where Ajmal Masroor (A Jamaat E Islamist candidate from Enfield) is a Reject by the Liberal Democrats He contested this years elections as an "Independent" Candidate rather then representing any of the Two Major Political Parties in the UK, Same with Oliur Rahman from the Jamaat E Islamist camp of Tower Hamlets First Lutfur Rahman, he also went as an Independent Candidate against the Labour and Conservative Candidate in Tower Hamlets, both of these ISIS Jamaat e Islamist LOST BIG TIME against the Labour Candidates in Tower Hamlets, (the other political bodies from the Jamaat e Islamist cult are people like Rabina Khan, Ohid Ahmed etc)

    Same as their ISIS breeding George Galloway of the IFE Jamaat E Islamist RESPECT lost in Bradford Elections,since they couldn't win with Galloway in the seat, then they Put in their Salma Yukoub in to fill his place, from "Birmingham" in Bradford this year to go against the Labour Candidate Naz Shah !

    Yukoob Lost Big Time as well !

    Now this is how their ISIS cult works NOT ONLY in the UK also in places Like Bangladesh, since the current SECULAR GOVERNMENT of Bangladesh have Banned these ISIS Jamaat E Islamist from General Elections They are Now Promoting themselves as "INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES" in Bangladesh as well, to conjure up the vote banks !

    And I wonder Why the DT hasn't educated their readers about their Political Backgrounds and their Political Loyalties ?

    And Why dose DT block me from commenting and refuting some of their BS on their Facebook Page for ?


  7. This is Bangladeshi politicians even get a British-US pasport. They are arrogant but they should know without this poor Bangladesh they would not have any chance in this modern world.Without this poor Bangladesh the politicians and some elites would not have house, big bank balances in the western countries.If Tulip was not Bangladeshi so would not have a grand father and would NEVER be a member of parliament. All were possible because her mother is from Bangladeshi Royal Family.If she was from India so would be LOST in the millions of ordinary indian in the UK. PLEASE TRY TO LEARN from the history.

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