Brussel Station Incident – BBC News Video News

A man has triggered a small explosion in Brussels Central Station, a spokesman for the Belgian federal police told the BBC.
The man was shot by soldiers inside the station and no-one else is believed to have been injured.
Police say the situation is under control. The station and the city’s Grand Place were evacuated.

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36 thoughts on “Brussel Station Incident – BBC News Video News

  1. There's a possibility of hundreds of millions of migrants coming largely from Middle East and Africa combined.

    Look at the White population of Europe, and it's decline.

    What do you think Europe will look like in even 10 years time from now?

    What is being done to us by our own elected leaders is no more than treason. I'm tired of being treated as an extremist for resisting this agenda that has been forced upon us.

    Yes they can quite easily stop immigration. Find where these boats come from, and stop them from leaving.

    IT IS A CONSPIRACY and I know what "people" push it.

  2. china will the last one cradle of civilization that survive for more than 3.000 years and will keep continue to thrive, you look now mesopotamia (syria and iraq), ancient egyptian (egypt), even indus valley civilization have been turned into muslim's land (pakistan). in india itself, muslim already 17% and keep growing, soon or later hindu india will lost forever.

    so now you know why muslim very hate us chinese, because we dont give a shit about democracy (can be used by muslim against us), we dont give a shit about political correctness, and we are the only one that really resist against muslim and islamization.

  3. Sadly, you reap what you sow Europe.
    We'll take you in here in America, and I'm sure our friends in Canada will do the same… After your countries and cultures are turned into shells of their former glory because of your idiocy.

  4. Excuse me i can't contain myself……….HAHAHA!!!!!!! [clears throat] very embarrassing for these attackers to get this attack wrong whether group planned or individual planned doesn't matter it's still hatred gone absolutely wrong. Ignites himself HAHAHA!!!! And then gets shot HAHAHA!!!!!!! "YES!!"


    A car crashes in Paris and doesn't explode………..HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    You attackers who ever you are what ever your motives, your slipping your loosing you can't build a better way to attack us and here staring you right in your face attackers is proof of your incompetence

    I will finish now with a very smug face and end by saying i'll be waiting for responsibility for these attacks these incompetent attacks.

  5. Everyone here keeps blaming islam and muslims. yes there are a small minority of extremists but you get that all over the world from different races and religions/secularists.

    if islam really did teach evil as you lot have been brainwashed into believing, you would have been slaughtered by now. Remember there are 1.6 billion muslims walking this earth..

    use common sense you sheeps!

  6. It's always an "incident" for 3 days if it's an Islamic terrorist attack. But oh boy if it's a White man fed up and finally breaks out on the Muslims, it's a "disgusting act" and a "hate crime"

  7. Europe has a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists to worry about, and it's the terrorists in your governments that are proposing laws to censor what you say on you tube, twitter, facebook, and google, which are all US companies. The EU and the UK have these offensive speech laws, and these sites are located in the US, where we have a constitutional guarantee of free speech. If they don't like the way we do things here, then just do what China and Iran did and ban you tube from your countries. We're not letting these commie rats come on our sites and silence our freedom of expression. They're already pulling this crap of ghost muting usersĀ on these Euro news videos. I was ghost banned on Sky news after ranting about Islam and them worshipping a child molester. I also ranted about the governments of Europe and how they're abusing human rights by criminalizing speech and arresting people for hate speech. If you don't know what ghost banning is, it's where your comments are invisible to everyone. You can see your comment, and you won't even know your comment is not visible to others. Suspect you've been ghost banned when you respond to someone's comment and they don't respond back. Use another you tube account to check and see if your comment is visible. I've had enough of this crap from these stupid commie rats in the EU governments. Don't come on our US websites with your Marxist ideology and censor my right to express my opinion, Ā you human rights abusing bassturds. If you don't like our rules, just stop putting your European news videos on our US sites. Don't kid yourselves you European friends, your governments didn't enact those offensive speech laws, because they were concerned that you'd hurt each others feelings by insulting one another. No, they put these laws on the book so they can imprison and silence people and groups that speak against their policies. They want to silence their opposition, because they fear that these movements could get too large and escalate into political insurrection and overthrow of their power. When they say you have free speech, BUT,Ā  this means you have no free speech. Offensive speech is free speech, because polite speech needs no protection. We have our 1st amendment right guaranteeing us that we can't be imprisoned for what we say, because the governments in the UK and European countries would imprison people for saying things that the government deemed as offensive. This was over 200 years ago and they're back to doing this today. They didn't ban your guns for crime control either, they took your guns toĀ make you powerless to overthrow them. It's time the US government start standing up for the people of Europe and against these human rights abusing governments. We should demand all people in the UK and Europe that are imprisoned under these hate speech laws be released, and the laws that put them there, be abolished. If they refuse to do it, we should put those governments on the UN human rights abusers list. And these sameĀ Euro governments want to talk about human rights abuses and free speech in China?????

  8. Divide and conquer !! The New World Order plan is going well!! Study their Tulmud and the Kabbala books and then you will know the truth. We goys means nothing to them and the soon the sheeple wake up, then maybe we still have a chance.

  9. 1) Surrender to the Caliphate 2) Pray to Allah 3) Obey the Sharia
    Accept these terms & I assure you ALL attacks will stop. You want sleep in peace, don't you? Then just give in NOW

  10. #morethanarefugee

    Wake up Whites your governments are guilty of treason

    They're destroying our population through race replacement they call "diversity"

    There's expected to be 100 million! African migrants plus all those from Middle East.

    These people in power are insane! they have no balls and the only people who do are the far-right.

    There are mass rapes going all over Europe. Today I heard of a woman who escaped by jumping out the window as an African aslyum seeker wanted to rape her.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves, not the racists for telling it like it is.

  11. I believe they are Christian person who always make bombardment but western people do not want to seek reality islam is not terrorism Islam means peace
    but I believe terrorism are western

  12. Oh lets bury all that stuff ……. a white man drove his truck into a mosque …. apparently 560 odd 'right' (left in fact') extremists are just as big a concern as 23,000 islamic extremists on our own soil! When do we say enough is a enough? Let me be clear here: All people who hate our society and wish to murder us should be deported never to return. This includes right (left actually) wing nutters and islamic nutters ……

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