Heavy snow hits parts of Europe – BBC News Video News

Several people have died as heavy snow continues to cause disruption across parts of Europe.

In Austria, avalanches claimed the lives of several people, while temperatures dropped to record lows in northern Greece.

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47 thoughts on “Heavy snow hits parts of Europe – BBC News Video News

  1. why something has to close due to snow????? ITS ONLY SNOW. NOT LAVA omg …. why are so many countries so retarded due to snow? i understand when a school gets shut due to severe cold temperatures because heating cannot keep it warm at the time which does happen once in a decade in some countries… but closed tdue to snow?! people dont get paid for those closed days because of some snow…. lol

  2. What's happened to the magic greenhouse blanket of CO2? We were told CO2 going above 400 parts per million [1 part per 2500] would melt North Pole permanently & make snow sports a thing of the past?
    We've been paying billions to IPCC for "hot air" bullshitt and nice big centrally heated homes for them?

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