Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News Video News

What’s it like to have millions of fans when you’re 10? What’s it like to have thousands of people insult or adore you? Welcome to the strange world of social media superstars.

Stephanie Hegarty meets the young people whose lives are built around likes, but are increasingly suffering from mental health problems and burn out.

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37 thoughts on “Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News Video News

  1. Youtube Burnout? WTF? You don't need to be fake just because you have a channel. I really don't care about you and if you are like this little girl then, I'm not the Droid you're looking for. I have my own life and it's problems, yours shouldn't be out there for the world to pick you to pieces. You are too young for this kind of thing and I will guess that you will need therapy or start harming yourself in the future as Youtube seems like a drug, you have to have likes, subscriptions and everything else to feel complete as a human being, let along a kid. I personally don't watch "influencers" as that's pretentous. I hate the fakery, phonyism and general entitlement that so called "Social Media Influencer" thinks the word owes them.

  2. Sadly what started off as way to connect and share information morphed into entertainment driven narcissism and massive commerce. I’m older and therefore my tastes are different than the younger set, but even among or mature folks in genres as mundane as gardening this need to produce content daily is causing them to not only get burned out, but the quality of the offerings goes way down. Seriously folks, watching someone open a box or walk around acting silly is boring!!!!! People who are creators need to say “fuck the algorithm, fuck the likes and views numbers” and concentrate on providing higher quality vids. Don’t film unless you really have something to say worthwhile. I think the public is just as burned out as the creators are. Higher quality content less often will give you staying power. Just like In real life, it’s better have a few steady “friends” than hundreds of fair weather friends! As for foolish comments….you need to grow a thick skin fast to be on here. It’s so heartbreaking when you hear about people being pushed to the brink by these bullies. You have to remember when people make these types of comments, they aren’t saying anything about you but are saying volumes about themselves.

  3. seems to be alot of people walking around filming themselves well whatever
    but like always everything in moderation some people spend their whole lives on social media
    but the thing is like some big youtubers there making huge money with no qualifications but my just making videos of their life so fair do to them im a builder and i hardly make anything

  4. This is comparatively a new thing, and people are still figuring out how to manage it. This is now changing, and very soon I wouldn't be at all surprised to see polytechnics and colleges offering social media courses, where you can be taught all that has been learnt by now.

  5. Going by the majority of content on YouTube – content creators have been suffering from burnout for this entire decade. Used to be full of gems and Originality. But advertisers have forced YouTubers to kill all personality and behave like robots in order to make decent cash. Real shame.

  6. You know from Monday iam deleting every social media account I have I cannot be assed with the bullshit on here so my last weekend screw it then honestly people just making money from others rants and lives and bullshit really I don't want to be part of it so I will email you my last weekend on here screw it then

  7. Maybe people are depressed because of other systemic issues besides the implications of YouTube and postmodern society in the Age of Internet, not to mention ecological destruction and its impacts on quality of life, socioeconomic disparity, food supply and human health and the health of all living things on our planet, overall.

  8. If youtube is bad why BBC is here. They are worried because they can't just tell people what to believe and sell their advertising(News 😉). Things are going to change whether you like it or not. New things will springup and old things will die out. Thats call 'universal law' !

  9. रावण का भाई कितना होशीयार तथा धार्मिक था 🙏 शायद आपको नही पता करने के लिए यहा विडीयों देखे🕺🕺🕺 विडिओ अच्छा लगे तो दुसरे ग्रुप्स में भी शेयर करो🙏🙏 धन्यावाद विडिओ देखने के लिए🙏🙏 जय जय श्रीराम🙏🏻🙏🔥🚩🔱

  10. I've got a YouTube Channel for Mental Health. I don't have zillions of subscribers or anything like that. I just want to make sure there are videos on YouTube, which may help someone if they are feeling suicidal.

    I've also got an Art YouTube Channel, that's mostly portfolio and time-lapse videos for my website.

    I enjoy making videos.

  11. Heh yeah, you could say I have YouTuber burnout as well, but I never grew big, so it's just like any other hobby burnout.
    Now I just put a video online whenever I feel like it, which could just be one over the course of several months, instead of daily, which is what you really need to do if you want to grow.
    It's for the better though, I should watch the whole vid before commenting probably :p but YouTubing totally consumes your life if you start making daily videos.

  12. I have to go to work 9-10 hours each day but I find myself suffering from ‘work burnout’
    Can I have sympathy and whinge and complain on the internet now too please?
    GTFO with this bullshit
    You are responsible for what you do and what effect it has on your life and those choices certainly don’t make you special
    Get the fuck off social media and do something else for once

  13. I have been off Facebook for months and I've never felt better. The sad thing though is sometimes I do not get news, I do not get updated with some news, like deaths or engagements. But hey, if you matter in my life, I will know, social media or not

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