Maracana’s “rickety” staircase – Brazil World Cup 2014 – BBC News Video News

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Footage has emerged of football fans climbing on what appears to be an unstable staircase at the World Cup in Brazil.

Paula Kossatz filmed the wobbly staircase on Sunday, as fans headed to the iconic Maracana stadium for the game between Argentina and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Wyre Davies reports from Rio.

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16 thoughts on “Maracana’s “rickety” staircase – Brazil World Cup 2014 – BBC News Video News

  1. Senhores e senhoras por favor, não podemos esconder as nossas mazelas mas elas a nós nos pertence e nós temos que resolve-las não façamos coro e não vamos ficar lavando nossa roupa suja fora do Brazil, não se esqueçam que todos os países tem seus problemas, e o que todos devem fazer é cuidar de si próprio.

  2. This ladder poorly made, improvised work is bad, typical lousy irresponsible government doing at the last minute they did not 07 years since the announcement that the Cup would be in Brazil in 2007 and the city of Rio de Janeiro would be one of the host cities world cup in 2014!

  3. This should not be common around here @newtoncazzaro This is atrocious and I hope authorities take an action to fix it before someone gets hurt or die! Unbelievable!! What a shame Fifa! What a shame Rio! What a shame Brazil!   

  4. bureaucracy and round about logic at its finest- a worldwide disease.
    >not our problem, theirs,
    >nope theirs,
    >did you check with the first people if it was their problem? certainly isn´t ours (ad infinitum)

  5. SHOULD THIS BE IGNORED, FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN? I wish the reality was different, but it's not. Even thou I'm from Brazil, I know the HUGE majority of Brazilians don't care much as long as the ball still rolling and beers are still being served, but at what cost? Oh wait… What about 35 Billion, after 7 years and only 41% done and 15 Billion Tax Free to FIFA. This is what people are financing!

  6. How can you blame Brazil, it is damn expensive to be paying huge bribes and then trying to build stadiums with the peanuts you have left. Building standards in Mexico through south America are sadly lacking anyway.

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